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The benefits of a Kindle

My husband bought us a kindle for our anniversary, and it is FAB. For avid readers like me this is a God send especially through hand flare ups.

They are light (you don't drop them and loose your page!).

You have light touch buttons on the left and right, so if your left hand is bad use your right hand buttons etc..You can have a pillow, cushion resting and prop the kindle onto it. You don't have to hold it in place even!

Ours was bought through Amazon- it came preprogrammed, so you can buy books immediately. Ours is the more expensive model, this means that downloading is wireless and no computer is required.

The downside- the first couple of months can be expensive, buying all those fab books! Watch out for free downloads, more than any other ereader. Talking of which I have one, but can't work out how to get the books off the computer onto the ereader. Thankyou Kindle!!

Happy reading


Ps. I have to try and brush my dogs teeth now. Yuck!

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Hi Missy

Agree with you -i got a kindle for my birthday last year and it's the best present i've ever had -check out the top free 100 they're updated regularly but it is very easy to run up a bill for new books!!

Good luck with the dog - wev'e been dog sitting for a week and she's going home tomorrow thankfully .Love her to bits but couldn't cope F/T with a dog

Take care



I got a kindle in august but have been a bit slow to get into using it! Must have a look at the top 100 free.



pets they are hilrious, i have a17 yr old half deaf cat with dementia, bit of nightmare at times but i love her to bits.i totally agree about the e reader though they are far easier to hold and prop up when hands are bad.


I have thought about getting a kindle for a while now and my hubby and I have talked about it off and on for a few months. After reading your blogg we decided to get one and bought it yesterday afternoon.

So far very pleased - down loaded a couple of free books just to get the hang of it but can't wait to get a books that I really would like to read. Have got a couple of books on the go at the moment so I must finish them first!

Can't get over how light it is and so easy hold as I have struggled to hold a book. Think I'm going to be really pleased with it.

Sylvia i


Kindle is a great innovation especially if your pad is really small. Your bookshelf only needs to be half an inch wide but you can still get the complete works of the Bard on it along with encyclopaedia Brittanica and Tolstoys War and Peace.which would normally need floor reinforcement and a room the size of a library. Reading encyclopaedia Brittanica in bed is impossible with RA and also seriously annoys the wife who tends to object when a twenty pound volume on the history of the Roman Empire falls on her head just as she's dropping off. As for brushing the dogs teeth, if I had to do that I'd fix its bad breath problem first and train it to use a decent mouthwash after a meal. Our dogs breath would put a skunk to shame


Taxi driver today was telling me about a paint (Farrow and Ball of course) called Elephants Breath. What a thought!


Hi all

i too have a kindle and stumbled across a fab book blog where you can download free books - some have to be changed to mobi file to put on the kindle but you can do this using calibre which is also a free download.

above is the link if anybody is interested xxxxxxx


Thank you I will try that.


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