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Do you have any difficulty with certain buttons and the materials they are made from?

Hey guys its me again. Before i start I just want to say thank you for your answers to my last question. They have been a huge help. The design for a new child proof cap is coming along slowly but surely. I have come up with a few concepts and to make sure i do the job right i was wondering if you might be able to answer a couple more questions for me?

A couple of the designs so far have included soft touch buttons and i was wondering if you have any problems with applying pressure on buttons such as on remote controls, washing machines or light switches. This will help me see how much much force I should consider to be applied on the locking mechanism.

Thank you again for all of your helpful answers. I really want to make this child proof lock available and easy to use for everyone. (except for small children of-course)

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Yes some buttons are really hard for me sometimes. Not so much at the moment but for a long while I struggled with doorbells, light switches and any nobs which are quite stiff to press. Keys are worse though and some door handles. My OT gave me a device that has metal pins like those in a hair brush but thicker and they move in and out and grab hold of washing machine buttons. Other thing I really struggle with is zips. I say this because at first I thought you meant buttons on clothes. If the buttons on machines had soft rubber coating they would be easier to grip I think. TT


I have a thingy that pulls the button through if i can't do it. I need something that i can wear on my hands,compression gloves stop the blood flow to my fingers,i would like something that does the job also giving me flexiability. There all sorts of straps for the hand,but nothing much that helps the wrist and fingers together.

Keep up the good work.



I have trouble pushing the buttons on my dishwasher. It is under the counter now and I have to reach in & push down on the buttons, which is hard with my curved fingers.


I to have trouble with buttons either those on my clothes or on machinery. Opening jars are hard to open. Threading a needle is impossible. Does anyone else find it difficult to take out change from their purse I do but I am not mean!



just a thought, when hands were bad the only way to get shampoo out was to put it against wall and put my weight on it using my arm, could some sort of pressure top do it, with a squeeze rather than a twist?


I can not squeeze and twist those kinds of lids. And then there is the toothpaste tube! I have to lay it on the counter and press on it with the heel of my other hand. I often decorate the back of the sink and the faucets at the same time!! Any product in a tube is a real pain!!

I buy shampoo with a flip top, my problem with shampoo bottles is holding onto them long enough to tip it upside down to get a few drops of shampoo. Inevitably I drop it first! L. xx


Well the trouble imby faceing is that i have to make the child proof top easy for everyone to use except of course children. but i do like what wiliby said about putting weight onto it. It is a factor that separates children and adults. very interesting.


I can "click" switches that work with a rocker motion, as can usually find some way to tip the balance. But things that you have to push can be difficult - especially the ones where you have to press in the centre like on train doors, or some light switches that are times where there's a softer bit in the middle you're supposed to press in.


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