Easy to use dog leads

Easy to use dog leads

Morning all. I tried to get the best photo I could to show how it works. Kept dropping my phone then Keegan noticed two squirrels playing outside.

Anyway I bought this new multi lead. It goes over your head and arm through so you can clip your dog on and use it hands free. I know it will depend on if your dog pulls. Going to try it today properly. It looks wonderful so can use it with a stick without the other hand getting stiff with holding a lead.

It also can be used for two dogs like a couple but you hold the lead in your hand. It is quiet chunky and soft to hold.

Just thought I would share with you doggy people. I bought it from a friend who does handmade collars. She has a fb page.

Thanks Moomie

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  • Was only trying to be helpful. My OT had been looking for suitable leads.

    No chance of chocking because you wear it like putting your arm through a hand bag over your head.

    As for neck problems well yes but we all differ. The big problems are holding the leads C/O reduced grip and pulling.

  • Ok no offence taken Kai.

  • Hiya Moomie. Sounds a good idea, she may have something there. I think it would work for me for one of our dogs (the smaller one) as my fear is the lead being pulled from my hand & me being unable to run to catch up to her, she can get some speed up if she's focussed. Not so much for the other who I can't walk at all as she's a puller & far too strong for me to control.... a work in progress & just now she's pawing at me so I'll take the gingerbread man toy she's brought me. x

  • I have tried it out nomoreheels and works really well.

    The good thing is the clip and hook is chunky too so easy to clip on and off.

    Keegan walks better on it too.

    Sorry for late reply. I am organizing another dog show. It is this Sunday.

    This year I am raising funds for paediatric rheumatology. They use buzzy bees to help the kids with injections. Unfortunately they loan them out but have a waiting list. Last year we raised 600 so hopefully can fund a good few for them.

    Have fun with squeaky gingerbread man. Our favourite is squeaky lizard at the moment. 😀

  • Love this. I have a hard time holding on to my dog's leash as my fingers go numb. Does your friend make these? Can she ship to Canada?

  • Hello suzanndale. She orders them from Spain so I would think so. Her fb page is Arizona sparkle. It is actually someone who works at the hospital I do. She does dog collars which are wonderful. This lead is great.

    I have used it for a few days days now. I have a stock in right hand a lead usually in the left. My left knuckles have been paining so it has been great. The lead is chunky and chunky clips so easy to put on and take off.

    My dogs are Westies so only small and fairly good on a lead. They walk really well with it on.

    Take a look and see what you think. Hope it is useful to you.

  • Just looked it up on fb. I love these items!! I have a 10 lbs female snorkie (yorkie-schnauzer). I've been looking for collars and leaches that are easy to use and are personalized. Thank you.

  • I am very impressed. We designed our Westies will have to post a picture. You can have whatever you like on them. Names tel nos.

    Like I said the multi lead is really dodgy hand friendly. 😊

  • I bet she is a darling. A friend has a wauzer Westie schnauzer cross.

    She is half the weight of my boy so you won't have any pulling issues.🐶🐾🐾

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