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anyone shead any light on this

been getting a bit of a grumbly tummy latley for last 2 days in fact

and when i get it my syptoms get worse

growls like hell and then i start to feel worse its like having growling wind.

no pain meds yet but ive took some paracetomol was worst last night when i got in bed about 1.30 in the morning cos whent out with some freinds.

got up this morning shoulders aching and the old knees and ankles aching.

just wondering if anyone on here gets this.

regards john

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if im out til 1.30 with friends , it normally ends with a curry .. youve not been on the ruby murrays have you ?? john .. ??

sorry to hear your " FEELING UNDER THE WEATHER " .. drop another phrase in .. :)


more fun than sitting in a launderette


Yep since starting mtx my tummy is not right,not going onto details as Andy will take the mickey,but are you on mtx like me ? Xx


I forgot to put a lol Andy I'm joking of course :))))) x


no shell im on nowt im a biker so i take the pain if it hurts real bad take paracetomol lol

so dont know if it was the paracetomol but i dont think it was see the new doc on friday see what hese going to do if she lets me tel my story


Two possibilities - Unfortunately inflammatory bowel disease (including crohns and colitis) goes right along with spondyloarthritis in a lot of people. That, and the second possibility that drugs like NSAIDs are hard on your gut, so they can cause nasty rumblings and worse. Its definitely worth mentioning to your rheumatologist though, and if it gets too bad, don't hesitate to ask your GP to refer you to gastroenterology. That would mean scoping from either or both ends though if they really want to check properly for inflammatory bowel disease.


hm thats what i thought earthwitch

in the early days everytime me stomach started then it would hurt i have been told all this can go if you get rid of the stomach bug on the enthesis site but i think after looking at your post i have mainly the same as you earthwitch some sort of spondy that has knackered one knee up true style.

this i think has had other conciquences on my other knee and feet with a bit of verry mild back ache.

im sure on the left knee im only running on one cartlidge on the outside.

and am still doing quite a bit of sweating though not as much.

its like if your body is out by 1/4 inch it realy affects other areas of your skeliton.

got rid f this 1991 2005 now im struggling at pulling back i think without having that knee ripped into OR I MAY STAMD CORRECTED THAT THE PROBLEM IS ENTESSIS AT THE ATTACHMENT POINTS WHERE THE PROBLEM IS

Regards john


I think also that most tablets can cause some discomfort in the stomach, I know since i have been on all these tablets, i never go regularly, or i go to much, like Michelle lol, I'm sure you didn't mind me mentioning it did you Michelle,

Michelle just mention Charlie,and that should keep him Quite for a while lol.

Sorry Minka back to you , Diffidently get it looked at thou, Hope you are feeling better soon shirl xx


thanks shirl hopping the new woman doctor i see on friday can correct some things if possible.

dont get me wrong shirl with pussing it im better than i was no how to take it a bit more now but forgive my french from april to now butting in so much effort is realy weeing me off.

just feel like ripping some consultants head off and might do yet

thought you where going away for the week end


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