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I am writing this unfortunately from hospital bed so please excuse any spelling mistakes , I was involved in a car crash on Friday and not only did I break my sternum I managed to possibly broken my elbow , what I didn't realise is how the arthritis would affect everything , the sternum could take a whole yr to fix and my body is battling to fix itself I'm stiff normally but this is excruciating I have never ever felt anything like it , hopefully next day or so I'll be allowed home to recooperate but they have to stabilise everything first . It's amazing how arthritis affects everything ,

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Emillia,i hope you get better soon. Sending hugs your way.xx


Oh you poor thing. But thank goodness that you are being seen to and that you will recover, in a way. You must be in a lot of pain. I am hopefully having my spinal op tomorrow so will keep in touch , one hospital bed to another!!

Get well soon, lots of love, Axxx


I'm so sorry to hear of your accident, Hope everything go well, and let us know how things go,

Take care shirl x


Oh no I really hope you are on the mend soon,lots of love and take care Michelle xxxxxxxxx


Take care, sending hugs your way.



Oh gosh - wishing you a very speedy recovery! x


So sorry to hear that Emilia!

Have you spoken to your rheumatology team since this happened? Probably worth them being aware and also for you to see if they have any advice on pain management etc for your RA while it is being worsened by these current injuries.

Hope you feel better soon.

Kind regards


(NRAS Helpline)


Thanks for all the lovely supportive replies Found out elbow badly bruised its actually my wrist that's broken , waiting for cast now , qa in Portsmouth have been amazing , thanks for the heads up about speaking to rheumatology I hadn't thought of that , the consultants warned me my injuries will take longer to heal and would be very painful , but I didn't realise by how much , they have upped my morphine and spoken to pain management team but I will mention about talking to my specialist , hope the spine op went ok allanah and I hope everyone's having a good day x


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