I have RA and Osteo 7 Fibro, my ?? is does anyone have problems with Trigger Finger? Mine is getting to when I cannot open in the mornings

I have to put them under hot water and Ihad a cortizone shot it lasted for about 6months and its back with a vengence!My rheumy mentioned surgery to release the tendon..Anyone had that? I had carpal tunnel surgery 10 yrs ago and I know its back so wondering if the tunnel release on the finger would come back too/

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  • Hello,

    i don't have trigger finger but i do suffer with numb fingers in the night, usually when i have overdone it in the garden!

    I have suffered with Carpal Tunnel on and off for 18 years, started with my first pregnancy, which is quite common so i am told. I have only ever had steroid injections for the CT, not surgery as it has not been too severe. I didn't realise that CT could come back after surgery, that's just not on is it??

    A friend of mine has recently had the surgery for CT as she was suffering terribly, she's a photographer by trade so was having trouble holding the camera, last time i spoke to her she was not healing as quickly as she hoped.

    If it was me i would definitely go for the surgery because when suffering with extreme pain i would do anything to get out of it!

    take care,

  • Thank you for your reply..Yes I am thinking about getting the surgery as I dont tollerate pain haha..You have a great day!

  • I believe the surgery is very succesful , In fact a friend of mine has had the op.. she doesnt have RA but that doesnt matter she did well.She hasnt had it come back and it was a few years ago.

  • Oh thats super..yeah I am really thinking about it cause my doc is worried the finger will either break or the tendon will rupture, it gets that tight...ouch..thanks,,,

  • I have fibromyalgia and Arthritis and been battling since I was 10years old and now 24 years old. Couple of the medicines that I use that really does help is (Freeze it!!!!) (Eucalypus Oil) (Epen salt baths) so hope this help. I am someone who wants to do every option first before surgery so I don't know anything about the surgery sorry.

  • I have a trigger finger as well. Some days I cannot even straighten it as it is so painful but I find cold water soaks work best for me. Was told by the Orthopaedic consultant that they could operate to free the tendon and apparently it is very successful. But mine is not bad enough yet apparently!

    I also have the same problem with the middle finger of my left hand, something called someone's contracture and the same operation could be done on that if it gets too bad. Was advised to bend the finger back whenever it started to stiffen as it lengthens the tendon and makes it more flexible. It does seem to work. LavendarLady x

  • Thanks guys for all the info, its very useful.......

  • I had trigger finger in both index fingers for years when I was in college. I got them open after running hot water over them, & just keeping constant pressure to get them 'unstuck'. I got several cortisone shots, until my Dr said that anymore would permanantly damage my joint. Finally, my MCP's were so misshapen & fingers were going the wrong direction, that I had surgery to clean out the joints & had 3 fingers & my thumb of both hands fused. I haven't had trigger finger since.

  • My Rheumy has mentioned surgery to release the tendon but I don't know, we will see. If I take Advil right before I go to bed its not near as bad in the mornings but sometimes its so bad that i am seriously afraid I am gonna break my finger opening it:(...Thanks for the reply,,,,have a greta day!

  • Wow, tinwoman. That sounds very drastic. How do you manage with fused fingers? Is it the joints which were fused or something else? I do find my fingers will go in all directions particularly if sitting reading and holding a book and I have to physically straighten them up again. LavendarLady

  • Hi LavendarLady, actually, having the middle joint on my fingers & the bottom joints on my thumbs fused has not bothered me & made things Much better. My last good finger-left ring-has finally enlarged at the middle joint but doesn't hurt yet. I had to have my MCP's replaced on both hands in 2005 & 2006. My left hand-which was extremely swollen for years-did not do so well; both MCP joints I had replaced have dislocated & are twisting & going to the left. My Dr thinks it was because I stretched the tendons so they didn't hold the joints in place. I also have both wrists fused, and had my right foot totally reconstructed and these surgeries have totally changed my life for the better.

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