Hi all and Happy New Year,

I'm new to RA having had OA for years. I've already had knee replacements and carpal tunnel release in both hands. Obviously that wasn't enough so I have now been diagnosed with RA. I start treatment at the end of January and have found posts I have read very useful. Its also nice to know your not alone. Take care and keep fighting.

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  • Hiya Pearlydoris, welcome to the site although I'm sorry to hear that you have had to join because of the RA.....but here you will find loads of like minded people all in the same boat who take care & support each other. Even if you just want to come on & left off steam with a moan we're here to listen and empathise. Look forward to chatting with you more. xx

  • Hello

    Welcome to site you know where we are

    All the best


  • Hi...I have found people on here lovely....some completely wonderfully bonkers but there is always someone on the end of the post caring. I send you welcome wishes. Martx

  • Bonkers us noooo a little funny yesssss!!!!!!!!!!! xxxxxxxxx

  • Hi Welcome to the site just sorry for the reason!

    Like you I've got RA as well as OA which I've had for sometime. I've had one knee replaced & am waiting for the other one to be done. I've also had foot surgery & two elbow surgeries & am waiting for another one of them too! Boring isn't it?!

  • Welcome to our site and yes i am sorry you have found us as that means you have Ra.You have found a very solid and empathetic site.xxxxx

  • Hi hello from me and gosh you have already had surgery, you brave thing! Hope you get on the drugs soon and they kick in quickly xxA

  • Hi Pearlydoris welcome, come & join us, Rie x

  • Welcome to the site, though I'm sure we'd all prefer that you didn't need to be here. It is a great help to share things with other people. I have both RA and OA and they seem to be able to do more for the former. I'm staring into an abyss over my knees (most probably OA) and may need a replacement. What was your experience - was it a while ago and if so how are you doing?

  • Hi Cathie, Hope this note finds you well. I had my knees done in 2012 and at first they were great, but over the last 12 months my left knee is painful and keeps doing odd things like my kneecap seems to stick then click back into place. They are still better than they were. Take care Sue x

  • Thanks! I hope they can ease the kneecap

  • Welcome sorry to hear you've been through a lot already

    if you have any issues this is a great sight and there is always a friendly voice on here to answer or just make you laugh

    Wishing you well xx

  • Hi and Welcome... Having both RA and OA can take it out of you so Im glad you found the site, its a great place to be able to rant and explore new information. Lets hope the meds they give you help first time. One thing Ive always found on here is that there is always someone to listen :)

  • Hi to All,

    Its comforting to know I'm not on my own. Although tragic for others. Reading the posts on the site sometimes makes me feel lucky, thats things could be worse. The information gleaned from the posts is very useful as I have not started treatment yet. Take care Sue x:-)

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