Mystery weekend

Mystery weekend

Last weekend I went on a mystery weekend with female friend who had organised the break.

We left the far from posh local bus station at 7.30AM in the morning, as we were leaving so early we hoped we would go a distance like the lake district or Devon or Cornwall??!.

Any way after some driving around the driver dropped us at Weston Super Mare for late breakfast?. It is not an elegant resort and it isnt that far from were I live!. we wondered around had breakfast at a Weatherspoons( bacon roll).. well its a better bet than a greasy spoon cafe!

We then got on the coach and after lots more driving around ended up at Salisbury for late lunch in the afternoon.

Salsibury is a nice place to look round , and I bought a pretty coloured stone inset magnetic bangle.. the magnets are meant to cure all ills!, I bought it as a nice piece of jewellery, had a tasty toasted sandwich and tea in a nice cafe.

Went and looked round some of the lovely buildings, had seen cathedral on a previous hol several years ago, also went and looked round a small craft fair.

Got back on the coach again and drove around again.. saw signs, saying bournemouth and andover etc got excited hoping we were staying near the sea!. we drove through several counties !, before ending up at an anonymous hotel on the outskirts of swindon next to some road works!

Now Swindon is 40min from were I live and We drove around for hours.. the moral is dont let my friend chose the holiday!.

The hotel was clean and comfortable and they put on a hot buffet evening meal which was perfectly ok and a buffet breakfast.

The next morning we got dumped for two hours in Bicester shopping outlet my worst nightmare walking around shops such as prada, were one buys nothing, unless you are the rich london set,!

One end of the shopping village had niffy loos not nice.. especially if you were a shop or restaurant near them.! went to the loos the other end they were nice and so large they were all disabled friendly!

Nest stop was oxford we went on an open bus tour,, this is quite an interesting university city.. then home.

Got home v tired, my trusty folding walking stick was well used and thank god I had wore trainers.!

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Oh dear Summer, that's the trouble with Mystery Tours,. you often end up close to home! As children, we stayed at Weston Super Mare on holiday but I don't remember what it was like now.

Oxford is a lovely city. My mother and I used to go there a lot when I still lived at home (we lived in Bucks) and there is a very good theatre there where we went for ballet etc.

Haven't been to Bicester recently but was not terribly impressed when we did go to the shopping village. It is supposed to be the best in Europe and have prices which are cheaper than the designer shops but I still found them expensive and very little choice being mainly in size 10 and below which I haven't been for a long time!

Hope you have now had a good rest and recovered from your "ordeal". Love LavendarLady x


well it seem to me that i shan't be going to bicester then,there will be nothing to fit me. Mystery tour,well that's something i haven't tried,if your experience is anything to go by i haven't missed much. At least someone took you out which was thoughtful of them.



Well 'interesting' is one way of describing that holiday! Sounds like you enjoyed yourself as best you could - and I'm sure that the break from the normal routine will have done you good:-}

Good to have you back Ali - nice photo too:-}

Cece x


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