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Just want to share with you all,that i had a very GOOD nights sleep. Woke up at four when hubby brought me a cup of tea before he went to work. Then i went back to sleep until five thirty,then managed to get another hour. This is a brilliant night for me. The rest of me is awake but sore,but i don't care as i feel like i can smile today. Tomorrow and today is another thing. So folks i will go and pick paper up from the letterbox and see what happens today.

I hope that you all had a good nights sleep.


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me too sylvi, went to bed at ten and slept right through to six so have to do a good days work today. I feel as if i have wired to the moon lately. Keep smiling and have a good day


Same to you mads,it makes all the difference if we can sleep,i find i can cope better with the pain if i have slept. It is also going to be a nice day weather wise.

I will try to keep smiling and the same to you my friend.




U lucky devils. I was awake from 3, as usual. I went downstairs let the dog out for a toilet, contemplated going on puter, but decided I should try and sleep. I was still awake at 5.

I wasn't in pain really(unusual for me) and put down the fact that I could not sleep to the steroids as I took them early afternoon.

As a consequence I am dead tired now. Have taken morning meds after having a light breakfast and I am returning to bed. I will also take some pain relief. Still really difficult to use my hands to type. - still some morning stiffness.

Hope you both a pain free day!!!



Glad you both slept so well. I had a bad night but think it was all a mix off pain and thoughts as I had been to see rheumy yesterday.

Hope you both have a great day

Julie x


How did you get on julie? i had had 2 bad nights before last night. Might not get a another night like last for days,just got to enjoy the good when they come.

Just got back from bedworth,bot was it cold.

Hope you get some rest.

sci hope you get some rest too.

Love to you both,



Hi Sylvi, glad you had a good night for a change. It makes such a difference the next day and you feel more able to tackle things.

I didn't have a very good night thinking about the dental surgeon today and also my shoulder very painful as well.

Had put the winter quilt on so think I was also a bit hot too.

Keep it up and hope you get another good night tonight. LavendarLady x


How did you get on at the dentist, are you now pain free. Do you still have to take antibiotics. I put a thicker quilt on too. Hope your mouth is feeling better.

Sylvia. xx


steroids should be taken in the morning after breakfast! xx


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