I am new to RA and this site

Hi. My name is Susan, Im 51 and was diagnosed with RA in August. I had no idea what RA was other than the soreness of joints, how wrong I was. I have never had fatigue like i do now. My whole body aches some days and thw pain in my joints, wow.

Im interested in communicating with others with RA for support, to chat or to just moan too.

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  • Welcome you are among friend's that understand.

  • Thank you

  • Hi feel free to share good and bad with us because we can all relate to what your going through. I was diagnosed in 2013 and still not under control even with all the medications I'm taking. I hope things improve for you in the near future.


  • Its a horrible disease. I've tried Sulfasalazine but had a bad reaction now on mxt but they want to put me back on steroids again as well.

  • Hi and welcome to the club,I've had RA and OA since 2014 , pain better now since being on Biologics but still suffer with a lot off fatigue, hope your not too sore at the moment

  • Sorry that you had to join the club.

    I am about a year into this horridious journey.

    I keep sane by chatting on this website and staying off Dr Google.

    I hope that they can sort you out soon.


  • Welcome Susan, i am sorry you had to find us but glad you have. Few of us probably knew more than you. I hope the friendship and information you find here eases your journey. Kind regards. Leon

  • Welcome to the site. This is a warm, friendly and very knowledgeable group. I look forewards to talking to you.

  • hi susan had ra about 8 yrs now i am quite new to this site and u will get a lot of support they are a nice friendly group it makes u feel that u not on your own hope u soon get sorted with your med take care xx

  • Welcome you have come to the right place with people who know how you feel

  • Hi Susan. The same happened to me this year. I am 53. We really do genuinely understand how you are feeling. Stay positive. Wish you well. Alison

  • Thanks alison. My RA has been bad in my hands and feet since August. Its a crazy disease.

  • Welcome to our world of ups and downs of physical challenges. Everyone that doesn't have it thinks it's like OA but it is different. I was also diagnosed a few years ago. I am in my 50's too. Hope you are able to get it under control. Mine is doing much better now. I just had to learn to change some things in my life plus manage it.

  • Hi Susan snap! Im 56 and was diagnosed in July of this year and it's the fatigue that gets me too (Although my feet make me so miserable at times) I joined this site last week, having avoided such sites previously, in denial I think! But what a relief it's been to read others posts and ask the 'stupid' question!

    The effort of trying to get across to my family how I feeling, when I look so well has been depressing. My husband's of the view that I just need to get off my bottom and exercise!

    So it's just lovely to come to this site and know everyone feels the same xxx

  • I'm 59 hun I know just how u feel xxx

  • Welcome Susan I'm brand new here myself. 56, diagnosed 2 mos ago and still in denial, trying to find a reason etc. On plaquenil for 1 month waiting to see if it's going to work for me. I am very happy to have found this site; everyone in similar situations with much compassion, understanding and education. We'll weather this wild ride together.

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