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Help! Having steroid injection into my wrist - How painful is it?

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Hi guys,

I'm having a steroid injection end of next week and am very very nervous. Since having one in my trapize bone under guided X Ray three years, I've become needle phobic cos that was the most painful thing I've ever had done!

Wrist is very very sore though - inflamed most of the time. Due to start biologics soon - not been told which yet. But can anyone give me their experiences of wrist injections. I was thinking of getting some numbing cream beforehand ( Emla) but a nurse friend told me that that could make the area swell.

Any advice would be MOST welcome xxx

30 Replies
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Hello I've not had one myself but I am a radiographic assistant so assist with these daily. The guided part will be Ultrasound so they will scan the area first just to be sure the injection is appropriate. They will first put in a local to numb the area, the needle will stay in place so it won't be multiple injections they will just replace the syringe with the steroid. Now the process lasts minutes. Most people leave smiling so it can't be too bad. I can understand the apprehension though. Just think of the benefit it should bring. Good luck x

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ellilu58 in reply to Amhoarten

I'm not actually having a guided one this time into this wrist but many thanks for this. I'm ashamed to say that when I had the guided one into my trapize bone, I literally screamed the department down! Totally showed myself up but the doctor doing it had very little experience and he took AGES to do it! I actually thought he was trying to pull my thumb off, the pain was so bad. To this day, I still think it was in my top three most traumatic events in my life.....and I've had a few!! That's where the needle phobia started. But the radiology staff were amazing! Really really lovely and spent ages with me afterwards. So keep up the good guys are fab! x

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I had one into my shoulder and I wouldn't do it again though,my arm fell off 1 week later.

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ellilu58 in reply to Philip

Well at least that would have got rid of the!

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Philip in reply to ellilu58

The worst bit was it didn't help me at all and my pain threshold is weak so it bloody hurt like hell, over quickly I'm glad to say lol, I hope all goes well for you.

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ellilu58 in reply to Philip

Really sorry that it didn't help you Philip. When I was nursing, I had a really high pain threshold but it's pathetic now so I feel for you. Hope you're coping okay..this RA is crap isn't it? Take care x

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Frankie63 in reply to Philip

I've had 4 injections in my shoulder but it's so quick that I thought nothing of them! It's only a very minimal time that you know something is going on but I wouldn't be at all worried about having another one!! So sorry to hear about your arm Philip! I hope you managed to put it back on again quickly? Hope it's much better now?! Frankie 63

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I've had wrist injections in the past, I'm no hero but it wasn't any worse than a holiday vac , and worked really well for a while.

good luck1

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ellilu58 in reply to janmary

Oh Janmary....that's excellent to know...thank you for that! x

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Frankie63 in reply to ellilu58

Good luck with your injection! It really is nothing to worry about!! Maybe the worry is worse than the actual injection? Frankie 63 :

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I had steroid injections into both my wrists. I didn't have a local before or guided ultrasound. It's a little uncomfortable and lasted a couple of minutes and gave me some relief. I'm waiting for a steroid treatment into my elbow.

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ellilu58 in reply to Matilda_1922

Thanks Matilda......I've had two very positive responses now so that's making me feel less of a wuss! Hope the elbow one helps you x

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I have had a couple in my elbow but not my wrist and they were painful I'm not going to lie but it's worth it if it stops the pain

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ellilu58 in reply to Jayden2016

That's what I keep telling myself might be a couple of minutes pain but the benefits will outweigh that. I had one in my wrist whilst having an operation on my hand last year - lovely surgeon thought he'd whack some in whilst I was asleep...and it was brilliant. had no pain for about three months so I know it will help me. Anything is better than this 24/7 pain and swelling.

Thanks for replying and hope you're well x

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Matilda_1922 in reply to Jayden2016

I've had 2 injections into both my elbows 1) in 2002 quite painful lasted a few seconds 2) a year ago no pain at all so it depends on who does it I suppose.

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I had an injection from my Dr yesterday and he made the area numb first (which I didn't feel) before injecting the steroid, I didn't feel a thing, so good luck and try not to worry.

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ellilu58 in reply to bedfordlodgers1

Thanks. I'm defo starting to feel a little less stressed after all these good comments. Thank you for taking the time out to reassure me and hope that you're benefiting from your injection x

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It hurts....but it's so worth it.

Grin & bear it & then you can say "Oh it was fine"!

Hope it goes well.


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I've only had them into knuckles and toes, not the wrist. Slightly "ouchy" painful for the last few seconds, but not that bad and was fairly quick. And the relief after was brilliant as have responded well every time.

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Hi I had 4 2 in each hand 2 months ago just where the knuckles are , it was a little uncomfortable but worth it as my hands ache on problem is they've worn off now and the pains back so I think I'll be going through it again

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I have had 3 of these into my spine , first one I screamed the place down, second and third done by a different specialist, was painful but bearable, they work so well for me, the procedure is worth the relief from pain good luck hope you don't suffer too much

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I had 8 steroid injections and nerve block done on my back under xray no sedation it was quite painfull but that bit of pain was worth the pain relife i get from this it only lasts around 3 months but at least i can sleep for a bit now good luck with your injections its worth it in the end xx

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ellilu58 in reply to mbw159

Oh my're so brave. Now I do feel like a real! I'm not going to moan anymore...:)

Hope your injections keep on lasting for you xx

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mbw159 in reply to ellilu58

Your not a wuss everyone is diffrent and no matter what your having done we all get nervouse so good luck with your injections x

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I've had them in elbows hips and toe. Toe was slightly painful but hardly noticed the others. Good luck xXx

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I had a steroid jab in my right wrist in 2015. I am right handed and my wrist was in a really bad way.

I did not have any pain with the jab. The Rheumatologist told me they were now using ultra fine needles + a gadget (sorry can't remember what if was called) where he was able to inject some anesthetic remove the top of the syringe without removing the needle and then add the steroid 30 seconds later. I felt no pain at all, just some pressure. And within 48hrs my wrist was back to normal.

Hope it all goes well for you.


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ellilu58 in reply to Joy_1

That's excellent Joy...thank you for that. Like you, my wrist is in a bad way and thought of a needle going in, just makes me feel sick. But I've had such positive responses...feeling much less nervous now. Thank you for telling me about this and really hope your wrist is behaving itself! Elli xxx

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You are welcome, more than happy to give a positive story!

Yes thanks my wrist has been fine since ('touch wood'). Just the odd niggle if for example I lift a heavy object. But hey I can live with that for sure.

By the way the Rheumatologist did say to me that if after 48 hrs the swelling had come down but that I was still having pain then I was to go to my GP and request a couple of physio sessions. But like I say all was fine and I did not need to do this.

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Hi i was diagnosed in january, having problems mainly with my hands and wrists and Leftvankle, i had 2 injections into my ankle 3 weeks ago and honestly not too badcat all, hope it all goeswell for you

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Hi guys.....meant to give you an update a while ago but kept forgetting! The wrist injection was fine :) Lovely doctor who put lots of freeze spray on - that was actually REALLY uncomfy cos it was like having my hand dipped and kept into a bucket of iced! But didn't feel the steroid going in at all.

Only problem was it only gave me relief for about a week and is now 85% back to its normal pain and swelling. I saw my Ortho Hand surgeon today ( I have had two Trapeziectomies done) and he says that I need a Guided ultrasound steroid injection now. Gulp! But hey ho...what will be, will be.

Just wanted to say Thank You for all your replies because I was much calmer than I had been because of all your positive experiences. Hope you're all feeling a wee bit better with the sunshine around xxx

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