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steriod injections and mtx

Hi everyone, Being a newby properly this might seem a silly question, but why would doctors either give you a steriod injection and not the mtx first?, could this be because the injection works quicker? and also do they sometimes give you both? I went to see my doctor the other day and she mentioned they will properly give me the injection, but forgot to ask her the question,

I hope you understand this, i do go the long way round sometimes lol Xxxx

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Hi there,

as I understand it steroid injections are usually given to provide rapid relief whereas you may not feel the full benefits of MTX for some months. Also, MTX is primarily aimed at helping to prevent joint damage and doesn't necessarily give you the boost in terms of mobility and pain control that steroids provide. (I'm fairly sure I'm on the right track about the steroid injections giving a quick boost but the ins and outs of what MTX actually does are pretty complex so not quite so sure!)

Personally I found steroid injections worked really well and made a huge difference to me. Hope all goes well with all the meds,

Christina x


MTX can take up to 3 months to work, so sometimes you will get a steroid injection to tide you over until the longer term treatment starts to work. Some docs don't give jabs readily, as steroids do mask your symptoms without actually doing anything long term to control the disease, and for some people the steroid injection will only work for a couple of weeks. Others are more relaxed about it and are happy to give them every now and then. It will really depend on how severe your rheumy feels your inflammation is and whether you need steroids. But whether or not you get one should make no difference to what other treatment you are put on. Polly


Hi thanks...just hope they do give me the injection, I have been unable to work since the being of August and am really missing it, My job is really phyiscal and demanding, So i could do with a head start,finger crossed.



My consultant never offered it to me,I went for my 1 st appt July 19 th and he Wudnt give me mtx until he had all blood tests back,so I think some drs give a steroid injection to tide you over until a diagnosis has been made,if he doesn't suggest it,you ask him if one is advisable.if I had been offered one i would have,instead of popping zapain and ibuprofen every 4 hours until I was diagnosed.ask him everything you need to know.everytime you think of something write it down,then you won't forget.take care shirl xx



it's possible that your consultant didn't offer you a steroid injection because, as Polly says, steroids do mask or cover up your symptoms and at an early stage it's important to know exactly what is happening to you in order to get the treatment right.

I did have both steroid injections and steroid tablets from the first appointment and was a happy bunny BUT my treatment was delayed, possibly because I seemed okay at the next appointment - I was on 15 mg of MTX for some time and I don't think it was nearly enough, I continued to get joint erosion.

Theregain, your consultant might have had other reasons, it's so hard to know & I agree that the best route is always to ask for what we want loud & clear.

Christina xx


Hi, I had my first rhuemy app only 2 weeks ago. He gave me a steroid injection and put me on MTX and folic acid. I am already of pred and he wanted me to reduce. The injection is helping me do this at the moment until the MTX kicks in. Yesterday I felt better than I had done in a long long time but not sure why as on that many meds.


Hi, I was put on MTX and was offered a steriod injection at my first appointment with the consultant in January, and now I swear by them. They are fantastic and kick in within a couple of days, then almost pain free. I used to have to have one every 4 weeks (coz they only last 3-4 weeks). After that I didn't wait to be offered, I used to ring the Doctors and just ask to have one, this last time I managed to go nearly 8 weeks. Please do not suffer in silence, if you are in pain, ask for something. Unfortunately, due to blood levels dropping I had to be taken off MTX but am now "testing" out the next drug !!

Take care




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