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Clicking and cracking joints :(

Its really enbarrassing and annoying and sometimes painful..

My swelling is finally starting to go down, but the clicking & cracking joints whenever I sit/stand reach for anything is as loud and constant as when I first started flaring.

Will it go away when the meds kick in properly? or am i destined to click/crack forever?

Give it to me straight I can take it!!

*braces self*


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Hi, that sounds really annoying. I haven't come across cracking with RA. But my Mum in law's knees crack very loudly. Her GP says its OA. Have you got both RA and OA?

Hope someone on here has the answer. All I can think of is WD40. But I am joking.... Please don't! The new ARUK magazine says fish oil is now recommended for both RA and OA. You could try that?

Good luck.


Hey Phoebe,

LOL I know your joking but I DO feel like the tin man sometimes so WD40 isnt to bad an of an idea!! :D

I also eat alot of fish as a part of my diet already, but will think about adding a fish oil (it cant hurt) re OA dont think I have both it hasnt been mentioned by Rhumey or GP.

Cheers hon



My knees have clicked since about ten years old..the GP at the time said I would grow out of it??!!



Hey Summer, I think the occassional clicking is normal I even remember my clicking all my fingers was a sort of party piece as a kid. I wish I could grow out of this current season of clicking :D


I click away, neck, knees, etc, docs have said not to worry about clicking, don't know if thats right but ignore it I do. Of course unless it clicks and hurts?


Hey Gina!


My elbows can sort of feel 'stuck' and then straightening my arms makes them click which can sometimes hurt a bit. Thats the only physical discomfort from the clicking.

I've always clicked occasionally just not this much, i'll mentions it to the Rhumey at my next appointment.

cheers ducks



I also have elbows and shoulders which click occasionally. It is all to do with the RA according to my consultant particularly if we overdo it and ligaments etc get too much work. Even my ankles get in on the act from time to time although my knees don't and I have OA as well as RA there.

WD40 does sound like a good idea but don't know where you would put the nozzle! Nurofen gels which you rub in can help a little but I just put up with it.

It doesn't happen that often and doesn't cause me any pain.

Mention it to your Rheumy next time you go. Lavendarlady x


Hi Joy,

I'm afraid that I click and crack too!

Mostly knees, hips and elbows but my neck cracks occasionally too - I guess I've just got used to it. Sometimes people say 'was that your knees???" in a somewhat shocked way - it's when I stand up, first move or reach up. I was told that it's of no consequence and some people's joints click more than others.

Cece x


I have the odd loud one, mostly elbows! If I'm with other people, I just say, "I'm talking to you!" The actual painful ones don't give a creak or say a bloody word!


knees click. neck grinds lol x


Yes I have clicking and cracking. It was mostly in my shoulders, but since I have had both shoulders operated on due to torn rotor cuffs it has improved. I believe it is the bones grinding on the muscles and tendons.



Oh you are so not alone!

My knees sound like two pebbles rubbing together - I have RA and OA in them - walking up a flight of stairs is so painful, but more embarrassing as the noise is so loud - my boss was like 'OMG is that you' I said yep! I laughed and then explained that actually it's not funny as it hurts so much! I do try to walk one step at a time - I find that it reduces the strain of doing one foot on each step!

My shoulders, elbows, wrists, fingers, neck, ankles all click at times, but I ice when I can and rest, but boy the pain is something else!

Hope it makes you feel less of a freak - and although the pain is nasty, you are not alone!

Take care



Based on my last 16 months, sorry, the musical accompaniment to your every move is probably there to stay!

If it hurts I find a session with a chiropracter is really useful, I have found an awesome woman (McTimmoney) who is gentle but thorough and understands RA as a condition so never pushes anything too far.

The only other thing I find useful is completing a full range of stretches in the morning, or as full as I can at that time anyway. It gets the worst exploding-joints kind of noises out of my system before anyone else can hear them!


Hi. I have it the clicking as well. It is OA for sure. I've had X-rays. When it gets painful they can inject a gel in the joints which is wonderful. Lasts about a year. And lubricates the knees so you can walk without pain. I'm actually planning to have it done again. Talk to your Rheumy about it.

Good luck!


I'm another 'clicker' here! My knee is the worst - if it is static for more than about five minutes there's a really loud click when I move it. That's the OA according to my Rheumy.

I also 'crunch' - my other knee, ankles, elbows, shoulders, neck , wrists etc. It's less obvious to others than my noisy clicky knee though.

I go to a Pilates class once a week and make a bee line for the corner, where I crunch, click and grind away! Occasionally someone will ask 'is that you?'!!

I have to say Pilates is amazing and I feel so good afterwards. In the 10 months I have been doing it my range of movement has improved hugely πŸ˜€

My Rheumy team aren't interested in 'anything crunchy' - that's OA.

I try and eat more fish and take vitamin supplements too.


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