Load cracking noises coming from my joints...what's going on?

Hi, I have just started Mxt and appear to be doing ok. I know this might not sound too bad but it has got me a little concerned. All my joints are making loud cracking noises and I haven't come across any other posts that mention this as a side effect. It is particularly bad in my neck when I turn my head, even slightly. My daughter was on the other side of the room and commented on hearing it, not believing it was my neck. Help...before my head falls off and rolls under the table!

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  • Yes I have asked a fair time ago about this problem. Its called Crepitus - which presumably is connected to the word decrepit - which is pretty depressing! I think its when has is released by the mechanical process of a joint moving for some people. I've never found out whether or not it links with RA although I've mentioned it to both rheumy and GP. When I first saw the rheumy he said "your knees are very clicky" but that's all. I'm guessing it must be connected with arthritis at least - if not RA specifically. Good luck with MTX its an extremely effective drug for many people - either by itself or with other DMARDs or anti-tnfs. Hope it works wonders for you.

  • Hi Tilda, u never fail to make me giggle! I asked my daughter to put her hand on my knee , moved it so it would crack etc. suffice to say she won't become a nurse!! Or anything health related. I'm off to google the term now. Cheers

  • Oh I'm glad my crepitus made you giggle Case - always happy to oblige by making people laugh even if it's at my expense! X

  • the rice krispies phenomenon is really common with spondyloarthritis. I typically get it when my inflammation is actually reducing - when I'm really inflamed my joints are too swollen to crack, but once the inflammation goes down I crack and pop all over the place - from fingers through shoulders, knees, ankles, and even my sacroiliac joints (which feels a bit weird)

  • Since I developed RA, all my affected joints crack, so every time I move it can sound quite horrendous and is so painful at times.....think it is a symptom of RA rather than the MTX.

    Unfortunately I have no answer to help......... But can sympathise


  • Thanks for your input. I have googled several websites about Crepitus as you suggested Tilda and I think it sounds spot on. Several were saying as the swelling goes down it leaved a space, almost like an air bubble, which 'pops' when you move the joints. The ones in your neck sound loudest as they are closest to your ear. One more interesting fact about RA!

  • The jaw joint cracks are really interesting - especially when the person sitting next to you at the dinner table can hear it!

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