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Broken Bone & Methotrexate any reason not to take weekly dose?


I rang my Rheumatologist to see if I should continue with my mtx dose of 17.5mg as I have broken a small bone in elbow (well you cant be too careful) and she not available until Monday. So just wondering if anyone has any advise. Does it matter or not? with healing? Immune system response? etc. I am also on bi weekly injections on Humira.

Any advise welcome.


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I thought that one of the reasons you stopped MTX before surgery was so it didn't interfere with healing after the surgery? Which suggests that might be an idea to miss a week? Obviously hurling yourself across the room hard enough to shatter your elbow is not quite the same as a delicate operation, but same principal perhaps? I'm no doctor of course, so best if you could speak to one, but just my opinion. Pollyx


Mmmm thats what I was thinking too Polly. Having said that my ortho surgeon kept me on my mtx thru my op last year as he said the risk if a flare by taking me off was greater, and could cause damage. darn it will i take it or not???


I don't think it makes any difference as the MTX stays in your system for some time, which is why you stop it a few weeks prior to certain surgeries. I

can't help wonder why the person treating you for the broken bone never advised or at least found out for you, you could also ring your doctor or local pharmacy they should be able to advise either way.

Beth xx


well it was a busy a & e dept, think ill take it.


Hi Gina,

I broke my shoulder while on mtx and enbrel and was told to carry on with them as usual.

I hope your elbow isn't too painful and heals quickly.



Thanks for replies, it is not too bad at all. Took my weekly mtx Yawn!


I recently had major surgery on my arm as I broke it pretty badly. Surgeon told me not to come off my meds as he didn't think it was necessary. That was 14 weeks ago now and I have been fine, no probs with healing at all.

Hope you feel better soon.


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