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Here we go again

Woke up this morning feeling refreshed from a good nights sleep. Still ache but i feel human if you know what i mean. My darling hubby made the bed before he went to work, bless him.

I went to bedworth this morning as i had to see my optician and do other things, you know what its like when you go out. Some people are very nice to me when i'm travelling to and from home. Got myself a throw to use on my scooter to keep my legs warm and yes its pink.

When i got home the post had been delivered and thats when i was stressed and i was exhausted from my trip without a letter from the dwp. Thanks to the goverment i've got to fill in another form all about my ailments and what pills i'm on, who is treating me.where am i being treated, you know what i'm going on about. I've started to fill it in,but its a slow job as my fingers hurt. I know they have a job to do, but they don't make it easy for us either. If they contacted our gp and the people who are treating me at the hospital they would know how bad i am. They want to know what aids i use,how i get about,how far can i walk. You all know the drill. Now i'm tired and i'm worried about filling in this b""""y form in case i forget anything. This is a job that will not be filled in in one go.

I hope this little moan finds you all in a better frame of mind than i am. I am going to rest and read a magazine for a while.

Moaning Minnie. xx

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I work for DWP and i would strongly advise that you contact your local Citizen Advice for help in filling in the form.They are very good and can offer lots of advice .Give them a ring ASAP - Glad you had a good nights sleep and are able to get out and about



Hi Julie, just woke up, have nodded of again.I think the form came when i had just got home and i was stressed what with putting my scooter away and unpacking what little shopping i had bought. I just think that if they looked at dr reports they would see that i'm not for for work. I am a worrier anyway and i dread going through it all again as i had to have a medical and got turned down and had to appeal. Which i did and got it. I did not have to go to tribunal, i don't know why. Cab is very slow and it takes weeks to get an interveiw with them. I have started to fill the form in,but due the problem in my hands i have to stop and rest and start again. My hubby has said that there won't be a problem,but as i'm so depressed and stressed anything like this upsets me.

I understand that there are people who are on essa that shouldn't be on it and they get everything and i don't know how they do it.

Thanks for telling me that you work for the dwp, its nice to have someone here who is on both sides of the fence.

Take care. Sylvia. xx


I do think you should take your husband's advice and try not to worry.I know its easier said than done especially with the difficulties you are having at the moment.

Look after yourself



Morning Julie, like you said its easier said than done. I've got a good part of it done. Going to see if i can get some reports from the hospital. Got to put all my drugs on the form,thats a lot of drugs i can tell you. You would think that just looking at the drugs they would know how bad it is. I know you work there, any advice you can give that won't conpromise you would be welcome. Your words are cheering.

Take care, Sylvia.


Dear Sylvi,

it is like jumping through hoops! When i had my blue badge and dla forms to complete which i kept putting off due to tiredness, bad fingers etc- in the end i was taken by husband to a nice coffee shop and we did them together. Do you have a kind friend who would be willing to do this with you?

Unfortunately the forms need to be completed, so the sooner they are done, and out the way, the lighter you will feel because you won't have them in the back off your mind. (Mind you, I still have my tax return to complete and can find any excuse to avoid getting it done!!)

Take care Sylvi

Anne/ Missy x


Morning Anne, thats my middle name ,so we have something else in common. I am getting done got a few things to add to it,eg,my prescription list and i'm going to see if i can get some reports from the hospital, i'm seeing the psych on friday and i will ask her if she would write a little report for me. I already have dla and a blue badge, so they are out of the way at least.

I didn't sleep very well last night, but my head is ok even though my joints ache. Got to go up the village this moring as my scooter needs the wheels pumping up so i'm going to do that. This afternoon i'm going to get my nails redone.

Take care ,love sylvia. xx


NRAS have a really good booklet on how to fill out the dla form - specifically for someone with RA. If you don't have it already then phone them today and get one sent out to you - it's essential advice for a successful application as far as I'm concerned!

Cece x


Thanks for that cece. xx


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