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Medicines post gastric bypass

Posted this in blogs but think it should be in questions

Hello All

I have recently (June) been diagnosed with inflammatory Arthritis

I take sulfalazine, Methotrexate and folic acid, which I am beginning to feel

The benefit of. However I am due to have a gastric bypass op in December

I'm not sure how I will manage the medication post op

Has anyone been here?


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I think that's a question that really needs to be answered by your rheumy and gastro person. The RA drugs are a bit hard on your stomach lining, but I have no idea what implications of a smaller stomach are! But I'm sure there's a solution, as for example MTX can be taken by injection instead to bypass stomach altogether.... Maybe someone here has had one and can tell you more. Polly


I've sent you an e-mail but as Polly says I think you should really get advice from your rheumatologist before going ahead with this sort of surgery.

Paula x


I've replied on the blog post.


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