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well I find this after my mother kept on at me to see wether there were help online . I work as a postman and never thought I would get rheumatism .

I had torn my meniscus (Think I spelt it right) si went in for keyhole to repair it and check both knees , When I saw the surgeon after the op he said I have some good news and bad news , good news is I repaired the meniscus and the left knee is clear bad news is I had to take a biopsy . so he told me what is was and then I waited to see a different specialist.

I was first started on metatrixate and quickly went to the maximum dose , however I kept on having bad times with it , going into work half stoned , having to sleep the drowsiness off . finally I started having adverse reactions to the metatrxiate . so they moved me on to sufasatine , leflunomide and qineine one .

touch wood it seems to stabilise it for about 4 months then I had a major flare up on the knees so they have increased the leflunomide and I am in the 6 week period to see if it works otherwise she will increase the qunine one .

Think that's long enough for my first post

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Welcome to the forum listellor, I think you will find lots of information and support here.

I hope your new medication regime clicks in soon.

It sounds as if you have had good care ?

Welcome glad you found us . I have learnt do much from this site. The most important thing was resting during a flare. It’s difficult when you have a physical job but sometimes you just need to rest get through the flare pushing through may cause damage . It’s a difficult juggling act. It’s sounds like you have a good Rheumy team ask them for advice. Any questions someone on here may have an answer

Apologies if you’ve already seen it but they have loads of info, a helpline & free booklets on all aspects of RA. Good luck with your treatment. 🤗

As you have a physical job, it might be useful to have a conversation with your employer. If you access the NRAS website, they have a booklet for employers. It will help you explain your illness.

Hello and welcome. So glad you got spotted tho! good job by the surgeon!! Glad you got the meds to help stop any more problems x

Firstly welcome to the forum I hope you will be able to gain some valuable information. My dad was a postie for 30 years and so I know what a physical job it is, as well as being out in the elements as he was day in day out covering many a mile. Although for the last few years of his job before he retired he was office based working nights, although he prefered being outdoors. I had a torn menicsus to my right knee some 20 years ago in an accident which happened at work and had key hole surgery to repair it. I was doing well until last year with it but have been having problems lately. Sounds like you had a good surgeon. As others have said the NRAS have a booklet for employers so may be worth having a look at alongside any other information which is appropriate to your situation. Best wishes

I have been lucky because I have a line manager who has a similar condition so when they were deciding wether to let me go he spoke up for me so im inside now and since all 3 of us on the front counter have medical issue we support one another . all of us have bad days and the other 2 help us through .

Humanity at work. Good luck with your RA journey.

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