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How am i going to manage my Medication post Gastric Bypass

Hello All

I have recently (June) been diagnosed with inflammatory Arthritis

I take sulfalazine, Methotrexate and folic acid, which I am beginning to feel

The benefit of. However I am due to have a gastric bypass op in December

I'm not sure how I will manage the medication post op

Has anyone been here?


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This is something you really should have a good talk with the surgeon, and also if possible, the nursing or follow up team, about. I'm not sure what the difficulties might be, but I'm guessing that some of it is about either just taking pills, or about how pills will affect your much smaller stomach. Both folic acid and methotrexate can be taken by injection, so that might be an option to talk to your rheumatologist about. It doesn't then have to go through your stomach to get into your body. Sulfasalazine is usually reasonable sized pills, and several a day, but I believe that it does also come in a liquid form. This is a lot more expensive for the NHS than the pills, but if the pills are going to be very difficult then you might have to do it that way. I'm not sure how that would affect absorption in your stomach though.

The other option that you really should push your rheumatologist to discuss is whether anti-tnf drugs would be a better option. If you are eligible for them, and they work (which they do incredibly well for a lot of people), then it could mean you don't actually need to keep taking any of the other drugs. The NHS almost always tries the much cheaper options first, but if other health conditions (eg the bypass surgery) mean that cheap pills aren't an option, they really should be able to consider offering you much more expensive treatments.

You don't have a lot of time to sort this out, so push your GP to get you an urgent follow up appointment with rheumatologist and an extra appointment with your surgeon as soon as you possibly can. The GP could start the process by emailing them and asking some more specific questions.


Hi Rarah, I agree with earthwitch as you need to be very careful when it comes to medications.your DR should be able to guide you & your Rheumatologist. I wish you well with your operation. I have this little bit of information. this is what said. Discuss your options with your GP, they will be aware of your previous medical history. Your GP will also have a central role in supervising your health following surgery. As a large number of your current medications will be ceased post-operatively you will need ongoing contact with someone who will be able to in a sensible manner. This information I researched on weblinks, http:/ I hope this will give you alittle inseight & guide. Before doing anything aways check with your DR or Hospital. Also I have to have Bariatric Surgery on medical grounds, which I can not afford. Do you have any information or maybe you know of a DR, it would be a great help to me. I wish you well & stay safe.


Hi Rarah, Could you give me the name of your DR? or know of anyone that maybe able to help me, with Bariatric Surgery.

Thanks Lynne


Hi, I tried to reply to you the other day but the link would not work for me so I'm sorry to be slow to reply, but the others have said exactly what i would say.

I have an operation on my neck in 10 days and i have had to stop quite a few of my drugs and RA drugs and will only get back on them after I have healed so I think it will be the same for you.

Also i couldn't agree more that you really need to talk to the surgeon in great depth about the action of your reduced stomach on your Ra.

But losing weight is very helpful for your joints and may even reduce your ra pain so it sounds like a good plan as long as you are well aware of the positives and the negatives of surgery.

And really good luck, you sound very brave to consider surgery. Hugs Axx


Hi Allanah, my name is Lynne, I need to have Bariatric Surgery. Would you know of a DR or any hospital that may help me, as it is for medical reasons. It would would be great if you or anyone could help me with any information. As the government stopped funding this surgery. Thanks for any Ideas. Lynne


Hi Lynn where are you from?


Hi Rarah, Sorry I have been away at my sons in the Hunter Valley. I live in Sydney NSW Australia. I had a few days resting & alittle sun. Hope to hear from you again. Where are you from? Lynne


Hi, just seen this message, agree speak to your medical team, as they can change some meds to liquid form. My sister had the banding and all her meds were changed to liquid forms, but this was discussed at the very beginning of the trail before the eventual date of the op.


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