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Seven days post operation.........


Good morning everyone,well this time last week i had a phone call asking to go in for my op a day early as one person had a chest infection and couln't have her op. Bless her she was still there when i went in and she was being pretty good about it. I wish she recovers soon and they have given her another date next month.

Well day seven has started and though i still have some Delhi belly,but it is getting easier. First thing in the morning is the hardest. As the day goes on it disappears. Yesterday hubby took me out and dropped me of in town while he went to the meat market,so i went and picked up my prescriptions and went into Tescos and got some more pens and books to colour in. Came back to the village and saw my daughter as she was finishing work. Came home and i was glad to be in as i felt i had done enough.

I don't know what i will be doing today,it is strictly for me tonight while hubby and our friend goes to a concert re; poppy appeal. I was meant to go,but even i admitted it would be too soon in case i took ill. Overall i don't feel too bad. Since Thursday i have felt beter each day,i am saying this with my fingers crossed.

Big hugs to you all and i thank you all for your support since this started.xxxx

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That's good to hear Sylvi. Pleased your doing so well.

I'm a strictly fan as well, should be good tonight.

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Well i missed it last week so am loking forward to tonight.xxxx

Sounds like a week on & getting out has lifted your spirits Sylvi. Enjoy Strictly tonight. x

It must be amazing to be so autonomous already. Don't overdo things but I hope things keep getting better

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Bob dropped me off in the village to get soup while he went down the allotment to get some vege.It was very nice but i soon had enough so he brought me home. xxxx

Well done Sylvi. As with your targets, it's the same with how much you do. Take it easy. You are doing Marvellously x

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Thank you darling.xx

That sounds like a very good recovery. But don't overdo it. Be kind to yourself! Jo

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I am darling. I have been sitting out front in the sun for about three hours. Now i am feeling tired so i might go upstairs or just lay on my recliner.xxxx

Glad to hear you're getting progressively better Sylvi


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Thank you darling,there will be an update

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