Morning everyone, just got back from the swimming pool. Been downstairs since 1.30am, couldn't sleep or get settled so down i came. I managed to get settled and went to sleep on my chair. Woke up at about 7.0am when hubby came down. Later on i went swimming and i met another lady there who was suffering from fibro as well. She was on crutches and we had a chat about how nobody listens, she got hers from her hip as she has had problems there before. It was nice to meet someone who suffers like me. Anyway got a bit of swimming and some exercises done.

So now i'm sat here wondering what to do with the rest of the day, am tired, but feel like i should be doing something but not sure what. Anybody else ever feel like that. I've had a strange weekend really as i haven't done much. My body wouldn't let me. It was strange, i had no energy at all. Even today i don't know how i feel.

The sun is still shining here in the midlands and it is a bit cloudy, but not as hot as it has been the last week, so i think i will go into the garden and enjoy the day.


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Morning Sylvia.

Swimming is so good for the joints I love to go when I get the chance, the trouble is they closed a lot of the local pools by us so you have to be a private gym member to go somewhere descent. It's was nice for you to chat to someone else with Fibro.

I know what you mean about having no energy but feel like you should be doing something. I'm starting to feel like that a lot but I know a flare is looming for me, it's a common sign along with many others.

Don't push yourself though it is probably your body telling you to slow down little.

I too feel so drained today and yesterday, last thing my hubby said before he went to work this morning was "rest today" and "be careful". He also knows I'm on a down hill slope at the moment.

Take care today Sylvia

mand xx


Mand i know get that from my hubby all the time, but he doesn't realise that some of the things i do is trying to help him. I get fed up with resting when i look healthy.

Never mind, you know when your having a flare, me i don't as i get into it before i know whats happening. Its when i start biting peoples head of i know i'm in trouble. My eyes look puffy and swollen today, thats because i'm not sleeping very well at the moment. I don't want to keep going to the doctors all the time. Its my fingers that suffer the most. All the pain i get from ra and fibro is all down my right side, always has been. Its very strange how it only affects one side of my body.

Well my dear we will have to cheer each other up with silly things and jokes .

You keep your chin up

Love Sylvia. xx


pleased you went swimming and had a nice chat it all sounds v positive xx


Hi Sylvia!

Where in the Midlands are you? I'm in Sutton Coldfield



Marie i'm just outside of coventry, a little place called bulkington. Its a lovely litttle village, i can get to bedworth easy enough, but to go to nuneaton or coventry i need to catch a bus or train.



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