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Hi All, I'm new to this site and would just like to know if you all take a concoction of meds.

I'm 41 in 2days and was diagnosed with RA at 34. I still work full time which is a constant struggle but my employers are fantastic. I've been in alot of pain since last tuesday with my back and have needed to use my zimmer frame so have been alloed to work from home and am still doing the same today. My RA took 8month to diagnose but since then my meds just keep increasing. I take 8 methotrexate once a week, Hydroxychloroquine once daily, Sulfasalaxine 4 times a day, Enbrel injection once a week and then the typical painkillers of tramadol up to 8 a day, Diclofenac 2-3 daily, Omeprazole daily, and Buprenorphine 5mcg patch. well that's the list. Do you all take the same sort of drugs? Thanks in advance for any responses.

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I am so sorry you're having a rough time, but your perseverence with work is brilliant ;-)

I'm 32, had arthritis since 9 yrs old, i stopped work when i was 26 as it was just so hard (just like you say), but have always refused to be medically retired just incase this crappy desease makes a exit:-)

I actually take less medication than i ever have before, but i have been on a concoction roughly like yours before! Currently i take :Enbrel, Co-Codamol, indometacin suppositories (my tummy hates the tablets), Esomeprazole, and Fentanyl patches. I have to say i've found this simpler mix is better for me as it doesn't confuse my body so much, but sometimes you realise that most of the meds you take are to combat side effects of the others you take! lol!

Just hold onto the fact that things never tend to last in the same way with this disease and so tomorrow is another day ;-)

I'm so pleased your boss is so understanding! It shows how much they appreciate your work!

Hugs Ella x

Hugs Ella


Hi Misty

Yes been on and still on lots of concoctions and injections but you don't mention stronger pain relief (I am on Morphine), is that as you are still trying to work I think? Also my Enbrel got changed to Humira which has really helped I think.

But have you had your back checked by the doctor as I had a bad neck and back and it ended up that is hasn't got anything to do with RA (although one doc says it might , the jury are still out on that one !) and i had bulged discs, just shows how painful RA is when i didn't know i had burst discs!!

So maybe call the docs or the rheumy helpline to see if they can help. But you are so lucky you have a good boss, I too had a great boss and it does make a difference to have that support and now you have all of us as well.

So hope you have a better day and sending you the same as Ella hugs ((( ))) Axx


Thanks ladies,

I'm perscribed Buprenorphine 5mcg patch which slow release morphine on an hourly basis.Not sure how well they work though. I crushed 2 disks in my spine and multiple fractures of the rib cage when i was 21 but it wasn't diagnosed until 3months later as they thought I had a deep muscluar injury and were treating me with physio for such. As i didn't have the correct treatment which I was told should have been traction for up to 6weeks I often have problems with my back so it's difficult to know the cause of the pain.

I'll keep plodding on and making the most of the life I have and a saying I use often to myself is "i'm still breathing and i'm sure there's ppl out there worse than me" Just got to keep smiling!

Hope you both find yourself well today.



oh bless that must have been hard for you at 21 and its so annoying and distressing when you don't get a diagnosis properly, so wow! from me for carrying on and working and getting on with your life, you must be very strong. I didn't know Bupren.. was morphine!! I find mine does help a lot but i get very tired on it.

But glad you have decided to take some time from work and recover a little, i'm sure that will take some stress off you for a few days!! Lovely to hear from you and hope you are feeling better over the weekend. softer hugs this time then.... () Axx


welcome to the site misty

im still trying to get on the right meds as my current ones arent working, im on sulfa 4 times a day, Omeprazole daily too and eccoxolac twice a day, and just para also, but nothing seems to work for me at the moment i have an appiontment to see my rhuemy next wed so we shall see what happens then, but welcome to the site hope you get all the help and support you need .


u feeling any better today Jonsi? Axx


not reallly lol. i will be ok, sum tea n cake always cheers me up ha ha ha


Hi Misty. I think you're really brave and doing very well for one diagnosed so young and in so much pain. That is a lot of medication to have to take but hopefully by treating your RA aggressively it will mean that you sustain less damage in the long run so should be better off in later years. I am only on 15mg MTX by injection and 200mg Hydroxichloraquine currently and I rarely touch pain meds. I tend to have bad reactions to new medication so am thankful that I'm doing well on these two although I'm told by my GP and rheumy that the RA is probably still not yet controlled properly - but fortunately I don't really feel to aware of it anymore. You make me feel very lucky but in the long run it will all pay off for you. Tilda x


Diagnosed at 23, am now 39 - currently on Hydroxy (twice daily) 20mg Prednisolone daily, Androlic Acid (once a week) and Calcichew (Last two are to counteract long term steroid use) am about to start Rituximab, for pain I have codeine and amytriptiline - all I can say is thank heavens for Pre-pay. Still work and have 7yr old and 4yr old so life is full and exhausting, welcome. Dont worry how many ur on, if the concoction works its worth it - if not keep trying summat till it does, good luck and welcome, Linda x


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