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Tomorrow is the day!!

Tomorrow I shall be going into the day case unit at my local hospital to have my long awaited epidural and facet joint injections.

Not really sure how I feel at the moment, I am really hoping that they work for me and ease the pain in my lower back.

Over the past few weeks it as been getting worse, suffering with pins and needles and at one time even felt a little numb around my lower area when I sat to long, then I was frightened it's the last thing I want.

I have to be in for 8oclock in the morning but am hoping to be home on afternoon, no reason why I shouldn't be so fingers crossed.

On Friday I have my appointment with the RA nurse on the CRU unit, I shall then have to discuss going into hospital for 2-3 days to have my Rituximab. Not had any for 12mths! so that's good, but I can feel the little niggles creeping on and if I don't have it now before I know it a full blown flare will be upon me!!

That's about it folks, will let you know on Wed how it all went.

Take care all

mand xx

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Good luck Mand, will be thinking of you.



Good luck Mand,

I hope that it really helps with your back - and I'm interested to hear how it goes. It sounds like you're getting it just in time before things escalate.

Have you heard from Trish-P at all? I keep thinking about her and her spinal problems:-(

Will be thinking of you tomorrow morning:-)


Cece x


Hope all goes well for you both tomorrow and Friday.

Really hope the injections help.

Take care

Julie x


best of luck, hope everything goes ok. It seems i'm not the only one up at silly o'clock. Hope that when your recovered it will make you a new woman!!!!

luv sylvia. xx


Good luck. You're such a tower of strength for us all, let's hope our moral support helps x c


Good luck mand hope you see this message before you go !! Thinking of you x

just go on line got back late this afternoon

Alison xx


Thank you all for you kinds words of support.

Take care

mand xx


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