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doctor and there way they regard RA


Has anyone else had this problem moved Doctor surgery 6 years ago and Iam still trying to get the doctor to read my notes regarding my RA which was diagnoses 1980 in the six years I have had a DVT caused by RA doctor at hospital said this to me, a cardiolgist recommended that to talk to the doctor to be sent to the hospital to a rheumatologist and four visits and still he has not read my past notes regarding my RA anyone had this problem and if so what can be done

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Are there any other doctors within the practice if so I would speak to one of them saying you require a second opinion. Hopefully this will help you on your way.

huggybear in reply to Hidden

thank you for your reply will do

Seems very strange that you cannot get a referral, does mean that despite having it since 1980 you haven't received treatment? If so who knows the level of preventable damage that has been done.. As Georje says book an appointment with a different doctor at the practice and if still no luck you may have to make a complaint..Good luck Linda x

I wonder whether the reason the doctor hasn't referred to notes from 30 years ago is that they've lost them? Or they never received them from your previous doctor? Perhaps it might help if you turned over a new leaf with your doctor and rather than asking to talk about something in the past, asked him/her to do a new diagnosis that explains your current symptoms? The important thing is to get the things that are wrong with you treated, and what was wrong with you 30 years ago may well have changed. Write a list of the things that are wrong with you, and then ask to talk through what could be causing these problems. Sometimes a fresh approach can work wonders. Good luck. Polly

Thank you That makes a lot of sense I will try that let you Know

In some ways this RA Club is good and in some ways it makes me so cross.

When we have stories like these. It takes me back to myself when I attended a Wellness, Fitness show at a local hall, when I saw a picture of a womans ankles and feet sticking sideways. I thought that looks like my left foot, so I read the caption and it says this is what can happen if you have RA. So I stood there and started to cry as it starts to dawn on me, not really knowing what RA was, but it looked awful.

I went to my doctor and I had to say "have I got RA?" to which she replyed "oh yes". in a "of course you have voice'. So dumfounded, I said "So whats going to happen then" she casually replied "well I can send you to a specialist consultant if you want".

I couldnt believe it that they had known for I dont know how long and had said nothing about it.

With hindsight Ive had RA for about 10 years and Ive been on meds. for about 6 years. I was an aerobics teacher and my body was my career. I gave up work 5 years ago as I just couldnt go on any longer.

Its not quite the same situation as yours but just how many people out there are being ingnored in some way or another

I agee this club is good as it shows you how you are not alone with these problems it makes me sick like you at how doctor treat there patients regarding RA my doctor was on the ball with the DVT and PE in the lung I had but nothing else I feel sad you have had to give up your job but my mantra is you control the RA do not let it control you thank you for your blog

Hi huggybear

As the others have mentioned, it sounds as if it would be worth seeing a different GP within the practice to discuss your symptoms and referral to a rheumatologist at the hospital if you feel you are getting nowhere with your current GP. Failing this you may even consider the possibility of changing GP surgeries. There's some information about this on the NHS Choices website:

I hope you manage to get things moving with your current GP.

Kind regards

Sarah Kate


thank you

for your reply very helpful

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