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How many pills a day?

well lol supper tonight as in every night 10 pills of many different colours and shapes.

same again for breakfast and then several more through out the day and that is including painkillers RA meds and to top it off 7 injections a day for my diabetes.

what do others take as in amounts? lol, it is amazing what we are expected to take for our different illnesses. (29) including everything I think hehehe

Just interested to pass some time while im in agony lol

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Hi Philip,

Sorry to hear your in agony hope it eases soon. I will list my medication its the only way I can think off counting up how many lol

MST morphine 40-50mg day 50-60mg night = 9-11 a day

predisolone 2.5mg x 8=20mg. =8 a day

gabapentin 300mg x 3 X 3 times a day =9 a day

adcal d3 x 2= 2 a day

naproxen 250mg X 2 x twice a day = 4 tablets

amytriptiline 50mg = 1 a night

senna 7.5mg x 2 = 2 a night

omeprazole 20mg x 2 =2 a day

citalopram 20mg = 1 a day

cerazette =1 a day

folic acid 5mg = once a week

paracetamol as required approx = 3 a day

total tablets =42-45 a day

then injections

enbrel 50mg once a week

methotrexate 20mg once a week


Gaviscon advanced 5-10mls 4 times a day

oramorph 5-20ml as and if required

creams and lotions

Ibupofen 10% gel as required

trimovate apply 4 times a day

benovate lotion apply once a day

nizoral shampoo 3 times a week

E45 cream 3 times a day

E45 wash 2 times a day

bloody hell looks bad when you put it all down together.

I am sure Alison will have a field day here lol

anyway hope you manage some rest soon philp

Take care

Julie x


Do you find the morphine pills better than the patch?


Hi Philip

I've never been offered or tried the patches but I am finding the slow release pills much better than anything else I've tried.


Thats an impressive drug cupboard Julie and phillip)! Im up.. gp followed by off to gower.. im way behind you both in quantities.!. that list looks they have optimised the pain relief for you Julie hoping you are better than you were

..I have a whole wall cupboard(large single full of the stuff!). Philip get your gp, or indeed your local chemists pharmacist to review your meds etc to get pain relief optomised(That Gaviscon advance is foul glue like stuff I rue the day that a gp wrote me a prescription for it!, the consistancy of peptac or ordinary Gaviscon nicer!


Hi Alison,

Hope your enjoying your weekend. Yes I have found I can cope better now with my pain relief working better, having the slow release means that my pain is better under control when I was taking pain killers every four hours I only used to really get two hours were the pain was manageable however now I only notice the pain bad about an hour before my mst is due so its a lot better having eleven hours than two hours!

Had a chat with the pharmacist lady in the group Thursday and she has offered a one to one on the meds review again the best thing she did do though is too talk me through what my next steps will be if I get taken off the enbrel, which I think I will because off other problems with too many repeat infections also.

So I came out off the meeting feeling really good about that.

I know what you mean about the cupboard lol, I have mine in a chest off draws both at home and at the caravan it looks like a chemist at ours and when I collect this lot I feel embarrassed with the carrier bags full.

Take care hope all went well at the doctors?

Julie x


oh flippin eck guys, I feel almost bad telling you mine but am doing so just for comparision.

omeprazole; 1 a day

MTX; 18mg per week

Enbrel injection once a week

I was taking Naproxen 4 daily but stopped did to side effects and have replaced it with Ibrofen and I take paracetamol and a tramadol only 1-3 a week at most.

But my DAS score must be pretty low, my bloods are normal and only have swollen hands......

I was diagnosed this Feb very quickly and treated very aggresively, my DAS score was then 7.6 now next week when I see consultant I expect a dramatic drop :)

Sorry phillip, I know you didn't ask for this info but wanted to share.....


Hi Wiliby ,

You have been treated aggressively and quickly, how long have you been on the enbrel? Just wondering as I thought everyone had to have tried and failed on three dmards before anti-tnf drugs were given and like you say you've only been diagnosed seven moths.

Glad enbrel and the combination is working for you.

hope you continue to improve.

take care

Julie x


Hi Julie,

I was given the 3 dmard's all at once, my consultant saw me monthly and although I felt there was an improvement it wasn;t enough, he put it into place that almost 6 months to the day I would start the Enbrel without delay (I believe here in scotland you have to wait 6 months before going to anti-tnf).

Has been 8 weeks now, I am very lucky in that respect, I wonder if the strong positive RF result of 1200 meant there was no doubt that I had RA and at that time it was aggressive/severe, I have read about the 'window of opportunity' when it is treated very early and aggresively thus improving chances of remission..... hope so :)

Sometimes I read other peoples blogs/questions and see the delay and lack of consultant contact that they have, I want to just move them ALL in with me so they can see my consultant!!!!

Not sure if husband would be too happy hehe

I'll never take this for granted though and dread the day the meds may stop working...

Hope your having a good day, my husband got up with baby at 5am this morning and tidied up the house, gosh I feel like it's my birthday xx


Wow your hubby treated you mine is still in bed he Is working the night shift tonight and as woken half the night with me in pain.

I feel better this morning but have been having extra pain and stiffness since reducing my steroids.

HOpefully that will pass soon.

Glad you have such a good consultant and you are getting treated so quickly. It took me 5 months to get my enbrel after being told I qualified for it we have had a lot off problems at our hospital with consultants being off sick which can't be helped but annoying when you are waiting for treatments.

My enbrel don't seem to have helped enough either :'( so I go early October to see what my das score is and if I get another medication or stay on what i am on.

Take care x x

Julie x


Goodness me, how in heavens name do you remember them all! I have enough trouble with about 10-12 most days and 17 on MTX days. You have my sympathy..... I too would be interested to know how got anti-tnfs so soon - is this another example of postcode medicine I wonder? Polly.


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