ive just been prescribed ibuprofen from my gp .. 3 x 600mg / daily ..
does anybody else take ibuprofen ?? i seem to think this is alot to take on a regular basis .. or is it me just been abit paraniod ... ??

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  • Hi Andy,
    That does seem like a large amount on a regular basis.
    I was told by consultant not to take ibuprofen with MTX but I know from reading on here everyone is different.
    I don't think you are being paranoid. Maybe you could check with Rheummy nurse if you have one.
    I'm sure lots of people on here will answer your question too.
    Mary x
  • Did you also get prescribed a stomach protector Andy? This is very important so if not I would phone and ask for one. When I was awaiting diagnosis last year my GP prescribed 4 x 400mg ibuprofen daily and it helped me a lot with the pain and swelling but after I started on the MTX he advised me to stay on the Ibuprofen until it worked. I kept coming off to see and my hands would swell up everytime. Finally I got what felt like a really nasty bout of gallstone pain and a raised liver count so he took me off them completely because he said that prolonged use could cause stomach problems. That said they work better if you take them regularly than if you only take them as an when you're in pain. You haven't said how you got on with the GP regarding yet? Tilda x
  • Ihi andy I'm on only my 2nd week of mtx I know ur now not on it,but my dr still gave me 3x400 mg daily to take until mtx kicks in.but I only take 1 in the morning and 1 at night if needed.hope they help you while they sort u out with other tablet :))) love Michelle xx
  • I used to take Ibuprofen, and then did take 2 tabs three times a day as a regular topping up is the best way to keep pain under control. But you asking this question has made me realise that I haven't touched the bottle of ibuprofen for ages now, Joy!! Shows how well the other drugs are now worki g for me. And yes, also take stomach protector. Pollyx
  • The Rhumey at the hospital put me on Celebrex when I was first had RA. I been on it now for four years +. It is a anti inflammatory like ibuprofen,but it does not appear to cause stomach problems as to any long term problems who no's, but I think that is the same with a lot of the drugs they give us.
  • thanks alot everyone
    i think thats cleared it up 4 x 600 mg ,, doesnt seem so far away from what shell n tilda was prescribed .. so i guess its about the limit .. better not take an extra one on bad days then ,, cos these 600mg tablets are whoppers ,, the like horse pills .. i got the stomach protectors along side them ,, even though ,,it was a struggle ... my gp seemed reluctant to prescribe them ... :(
    for sum reason ..
    thanks guys ..

    andy xx
  • Take a stomach protector first thing each morning even when on a lower dose. Not offering you them was pretty mean I feel as they are known to have an impact on the gastric system with prolonged use and at a high dose as you are now on. Tilda x
  • I was advised by my rheumy to take ibuprofen when I'm sore or if I'm having a busy day such as doing my cleaning. I find if I just take one in the morning the effects last for at least 24hrs. I also take a stomach protector and make sure I take with food. I don't like to take them regularly so save for when I really need them such as my recent trip to Alton Towers. x
  • thanks pauline
    ibuprofen can be taken in different ways i believe ,, in my case its the main medication so i take it daily ,, to keep on top of the Inflammation.. even on the good days its important i still take it .. but your right too ,, it can also be used has a painkiller ,, or to help with those busy busy cleaning days .. :( or alton towers :)
    andy x
  • Hi Andy

    If you are ever concerned a pharmacist should be able to answer questions like this, and they are often easier to get hold of than the GP.

    Kind regards

    Sarah Kate
  • your absolutely right boss ....
    my last appointment took 3 weeks to see the GP .. so for a simple query / question a pharmacist would make a good port to call ..
    thanks sarah kate

    andy x
  • I take 'Brufen Retard' at night when I need to - I get this on prescription. It comes in 800mg tablets and it is recommended to take 2 at night - so that's 1600mg! It really works though - I am so much better in the morning when I have taken it the night before. I try to take only 1 tablet though, and that seems to work pretty well too. I don't take anything during the day as the pain is only a problem first thing in the morning.
  • Can you check with your doctor about that dose of 1600 at night? I have never heard of that much being taken at once. I always thought 800 mg was the maximum single dose.
  • No, that actually isn't a lot if its prescribed as an antiinflammatory drug - in fact its the recommended amount. If you are told to take it regularly, then thats what you need to do because it won't work properly to reduce inflammation if you don't. It does seem to be prescribed more often for spondyloarthritis than for RA though (RA usually gets DMARDs as the first line treatment, whereas spondyloarthritis usually gets NSAIDS)

    As far as taking stomach protectors goes, they have their own side effects (including causing problems with digestion by reducing stomach acid too much), so even though some doctors will prescibe them automatically, its possibly better to start by not taking them, and only add them in if the ibuprofen does actually cause you stomach irritation. Don't put up with stomach problems though, and do ask about stomach protectors if you need them.
  • thanks earthwitch
    this is maybe why the doc ,, did seem in two minds ,, therefore leaving it up to me whether to take them or not ..
  • It is 1600mg over 24 hours - it is sustained (very slow) release. I have never had any problem with Ibuprofen, unlike some other NSAIDS, but I understand that stomach protection is recommended.
  • thanks jane
    ive never heard of 'Brufen Retard'.. i will add this to my ever increasing list of questions to ask on my next visit with my rheumy .. i find the better i sleep ,, the better i feel .. i guess we all do .. so anything that helps with getting a good nights sleep is a tick in my book ..

    andy x


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