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Back from lovely holiday

Hi all

Ive just returned from a week in Portugal (lagos) and it was fab. The weather was gorgeous with not a cloud in the sky for the whole week. Great thing was i did not have one flare up whilst i was there. I have put it down to no stress and being off work but as soon as i landed on Saturday back in this country i went shopping and low and behold my shoulder flared up which has only just started to subside. Yesterday the bottom of my back went into a spasm when i bent down so i could not do anything all day. Still sore and stiff today so full up on painkillers. What a bummer..

All i can say is i hate this disease as it is always lurking in the background even when not having a flare and it is so unpredictable.


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Glad you had a good .holiday. Lagos is beautiful. This disease is horrid. If it was a bad relationship you would get out of it without a doubt.

Hope you feel better soon.



Debbie welcome back. Could have please brought some of that lovely weather back with you. It is so damp here in good old blighty no wonder we suffer so much. I quite agree that this disease is awful and so painful.

Hope you feel brighter soon. Sylvi.xx


H Debbie, glad you had a lovely holiday. I know that area very well having been there many times since 1986! I do find that if I am well on holiday, the moment I get back to day to day living (also in the cold and damp of the UK), everything starts up again. I think it is one of the problems in living on an Island surrounded by the Atlantic and the North Sea! I once heard it described as an island lost in the mists of the northern seas and that just about sums it all up.

Keep with the painkillers they will help and get plenty of rest. I have had the heating on this morning as it is so chilly and damp. I am afraid it is something we have to put up with although I get really annoyed with the RA and its effects and rampage all over my Rheumy's office when I see him and then he asks if I have any more complaints for him to deal with! Poor man, I am his cross to bear I think.

We're off to Cyprus later this week and I think the sunshine and warmth will help me as my joints are very irritable and sore at present.

Keep smiling,. Lavendarlady x


Oh lovely let me know what it is like, been trying to get my hubby to go to Cyprus but he says its too hot for him. Told him it is cooler September but not been able to talk him around. (yet!!). the warmth will definitely make you feel better, it did with me.

Have a lovely time and bring some sun back with you.


Hi Debbie, we have been going to Cyprus for the last 12 years. You need to avoid July and August particularly as it does get very hot. We have found the best time is April when all the flowers are out and it is so pretty. Not too hot either but very pleasant but you will need a sweater for the evening. We then go late September/early October when it is beginning to cool down and sleeping at night is easier. we stay in a little village just into the Troodos mountains near Limassol so we get the advantage of breezes off the mountains anyway.

Have a look at Cyprus Agrotourism website - there are a number of villages you can stay in using original village houses which have been converted. Plenty of local tavernas to eat in and very friendly people. We self cater and just have breakfast but eat out every evening. Using the local tavernas you get good food at good prices not the overpriced city restaurants. Wine is usually local and a bit rough but you get used to it. Plenty of fruit and greek salads to go with meals. Do try it sometime. Lavendarlady x


Glad you liked Lagos - my sister has an apartment on the marina there - we've had a few holidays there and its gorgeous, the people are lovely - and we particularly like the supermarket 'Pingo's' - so cheap! But - oh those cobbles! I last went in 2007, using a wheelchair - had to have right hip revision in 2008 and surgeon said cobbles didn't help!


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