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As some people now im quite new here, as a not diagnosed but showing all the symptoms of RA.

Most of my pain has been in my fingers and toes with very stiff feet, but last night i lay in bed in terrible pain in my wrists an left foot, spent most of the night in tears and have been soaking in a hot bath this morning trying to help the pain, my foot is excruciating i cant pull my foot up towards me as too painfull, the pain seems to radiate from my outside ankle to the middle then down my foot also to to be radiating abit up my shin bone, walking is a nightmare it does wear off slightly if walking about for abit but the minute i stay still for a minute its just as bad again, there is no swelling even though it kind of feels swollen, does this sound like a sort of RA symptom?

Nicky x

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  • hard to say .. hopefully you will be assessed soon.. ra tends to affect both sides of the body.. but the dominant side is usually more badly afffected eg hand you write with.. welcome to the site Nicky..

    my thoughts are with you during this painful uncertain time.. ask your gp to have a look in the meantime and too have a look at your pain relief with you too

    Kind Regards

    Alison xx

  • I could be, but like summer said it is difficult to say. However my feet were the worst hit like yours are now, pain radiating up the legs is what I would get also, all coming from my feet.

    Are you still waiting for a proper diagnosis or waiting to see consultant? If you have already seen consultant then don't keep suffering like this call them and tell them how bad the pain is. Also get some better pain relief from your GP. Don't suffer with pain this way, it can bring you down in many ways having a knock on effect with your condition.

    RA can get out of control very quickly, this can then lead to irreversible joint damage, which is something you don't want.

    Take care and try to speak to someone soon.

    mand xx

  • Hi Nicky, I don't want to say it sounds like RA but I have had what you are describing, I also thought I had no visible swelling but on my first visit with the consultant I was given an ultrasound, I was amazed at the amount that was was showing up that I wasn't aware of.

    But, if you don't mind me saying, I was also diagnosed in Feb this year and with the right meds for me (so far, don't want to count chickens yet) the pains you have mentioned has gone, I get aches and still have some swelling but nothing compared to what it was like un-treated.

    Hope you feel better soon :)

  • Thanks for replies, yes mand i am still waiting for diagnosis, i had blood tests as all my symptoms point towards RA but tests showed nothing which im told by my gp can happen she has referred me to rheumotogist but i seem to be getting worse rapidly.

    Wiliby i cant wait to get the right meds but have been told it's an 8 mnth waiting list!!!

    Pain got alot better this afternoon just felt really stiff almost like my foot doesnt bend properly, but already starting to be painful now im in my bed along with waves of pains in my wrists and thumbs, due to see my gp on wednesday to get results of x-rays so going to ask her about better pain relief.

    Nicky x

  • Oh my gosh! 8 months!!! thats shocking, I can't imagine how horrible knowing you have to wait that long, I had 6 weeks and that was bad enough, wow I realise how lucky I live where I do....

    I'm gob smacked, I thought all new cases were fast-tracked.

    I really hope something gets sorted sooner than that for you, somehow???

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