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did anyone see that food program last night

it was showing how they made ham and putting in salt peater to kill any bugs in it but salt peter is used in manure and put on fields.

i like buying ham but how they mixed up all the stuff to make it well its put me off it now their is all sorts of stuff mixed in it.

looked like chewing gum being mixed its called the food program i think se if you can get it back on playback.

i can remember when people had no fridge just a cold larder when i lived wiuth me gran and the food was realy tasty.

makes you wonder now what other stuff aditives are put in food that our bodys might not like.

lettuce thats sprayed with pesticides mine used to tast better out of the garden slug on it wash it off ho cares so long as the stuff is clean and no pesticides used

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Hi Minka, Yer I watched it! Yuk! I've tended to buy ham if pre-packed without water - I assumed that the water stuff wasn't the real thing BUT horrified to find out that the Wiltshire cured ham is also formed as it were cos I buy that sometimes thinking it's fine. There are loads of cons out there aren't there! Poundland and their so called offers were on last night also.

ps cheeses n tomatoes are best out of fridge for an hour before eating - cheese much nicer. Tomatoes, if organic are tastier too that way. We used to twist the top green stem slightly on tomatoes - If they have ANY flavour at all you SHOULD be able to smell lovely tomato smell ie home grown ones. Little tip there!

Regards from an X Ham Fan LOL!!

J x

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Food hygiene is supposedly paramount these days & there's an obsession with reducing salt, fat & sugar but there are so many other noxious additives in our food. We are offered so much 'Choice' but what that amounts to is the freedom to chose one over-packaged, additive-laden, tasteless item over another. I've always bought fresh food if possible & seem to have spent a lot of my life cooking 'proper food.' And the trouble is that it is time-consuming when so many people work long hours.

You do wonder what effect all this food-which-is-barely-worthy-of-the-name has on our health long term.

And don't get me started on cold larders .... I would love one of them! So useful compared to fridges which rip the taste out of things ...

Hey ho! Must fix myself something to eat!



and what about the lemons coated in that wax and the stuff comes of trees in bancock that is beetle pee and bugs yuk why coat lemons with it


Processed meats have got to be one of the worst things to eat (as with other highly processed foods). Best avoided totally - if you have to have something like bacon or ham, try to find stuff that is farm processed by small speciality organic places. Otherwise just stick to basic meat - pork, chicken, lamb, beef - and organic.

Fruit never used to be a problem because we only ever used to eat stuff that was fresh and in season. now we expect to be able to eat seasonal fruits all year round, so that is why they have to find ways of preserving them. Again, buy locally grown and eat only what is in season and you should be able to avoid some of that.

It really does make sense to change your diet with the seasons, for a whole lot of reasons.


As tomatoes are fruit, I have always kept mine in the fruit bowl. I also ditched my normal fridge and bought a larder one which appears to be doing a better job very similar to a cold larder. I come from farming stock so I tend to keep and store as my grandparents did.


Hi Georje,

we are aiming to move next year & top of my priorities will be to find a house with a very practical kitchen, our current one is quaint - disastrous really. I have to ask - what is a 'larder one'? Sounds like what I'm after.


The one that I have is the same size as a normal fridge but you don't have a cool box, at the back it has elements which frost up and then disperse. They can be set as cool as you want them, I have mine pretty cold as I store my Embrel in there. To me it's the next best thing to a larder. They normally come in the A-C category on 'green values'. If you find a house with a cupboard still in place, supposedly a larder, but does not look too cold, lay some tiles on the shelves, this helps to keep it colder.


Thanks for that. One side effect of this disease for me is that I'm not going out to work so I've had time to think about these domestic matters. Another one is subdued taste buds so keeping as much taste as poss. in foods is even more important.


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