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Well more blood test and a like UREA ELECTROLYTES, CRETIN KINAS,FBC,CRP.ESR.ANA-CCP,CTD AND I WILL BET ANYONE A NEW CAR THEY COME BACK NEGATIVE because i must have the weirdes body going. my bet still is infernon gamma test Bingo we have a result.

The doctor say im sure their is some sort of inflamatory going on here looked at my hand but they are not cold are they no but they sore in a morning till i get going and that leg is going to break in a bit.

Her also wanted an ultrasound back on ankle again when i get that nobody knows.

meanwhile if it is rumi i have no rumi person to go to the other i had was good but hey thats cost cutting by the nhs cos i was at bury.

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You are going through the mill darling.xxxx

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your out and about today syl


I most certainly am darl.xxx


I'm not sure I got the essence of that but it sounds like things are a bit all over the place for you at the minute. I hope that something gets sorted out for you soon. Wishing you all the best.


thanks i am all over the show with this more sore in many places


I'm on with the bet, can I have a merc, please?

And I hope you get some useful info. from the tests for your own benefit, too. I know you've been going round in circles with this for ages, it must be very frustrating.


we have a deal postle2 Cos i am that sure the only test they will not do gama infernon they would have had a bingo and if someone decides to do it later i will sue them.

weird though im sure its atheritus now been to long and being older by 4 years since last do getting harder whish it would just go again then i will give the holidays a run for their money. it aways happens to start in summer why not winter and why has it always gone before and not now im a weird case me thinks.


hey dont worry, my bloods all ways came back empty apart from inflammation markers, weird I know, one stage my ferritin level was at 1000cl that was an ouch time. you're not alone with this, warmest Craig


yep its sure is craig and it isnt getting any better for me cant push on this ankle and knee now whish i had jusst sat around when it was just my ankle hurting and then it may not have traveled to everything


Hi Minka, dont think it would've mattered, mine started whilst I was serving in Iraq , went away for several years, then really kicked into high gear in 2008/9 . Sorry your suffering the pain is really debilitating ,please get pain relief meds and use them, yes I know we all think differently, but its really about quality of life, once the pain is under control its easier to look at this as a blip in life's highway. warmest thought Craig


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