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these is a breif history draft im proposing to say any comments

All started the second week in April. I have had this problem twice before in 1991 and 2005 and managed to clear it which just left me with a bit of a click in my knee if I bend and straighten it. Not a problem not sore but get a few aches in winter time then it goes after a day or so. On those occasions it was just in the knee with slight backache and ankle ache.

Maybe only 4 or 5 episodes of this in the winter.

After my usual swimming session to keep quads strong, which I do every other day at the pool where I am a member.

After coming out of the pool and showering the symptom was left knee hurt just below the kneecap like I had sprained it where it connects under the knee cap to the bottom of my leg. Then I had some water like swelling which I tried to walk on. Then shortly afterward about a couple of days the other knee did the same but not as much as the left knee.

I rested and iced the knees the worst left knee to get the swelling down.

But it just kept swelling under the kneecap at night I could see it coming up.

Then my feet when sore like something was eating them away inside the feet.

They would tingle and ache when I got in bed at night and I would wake in the morning with the bed wet through with sweat.

Shortly after that the lower back started not like pain but hurting a bit probably because I was walking onto the better leg compensating I was told.

It was then that after walking further than usual my ankle started to hurt on the left worst leg and slight ache in the other ankle.

Then the neck started cracking still though this it the way I was walking compensating?

I then started to go back swimming to try to get some exercise but the left and right knees would still go sore after some light swimming on me back pushing myself through the water with my quads.

Then shortly after that I noticed that my arms where aching and some red like spots appeared after 3 days on my knuckles which where sore. These have gone down somewhat over the period I have had this but still remain on my hands like they are ready to start of again.

All my joints feel like they have got watery substance in them like my body is attacking my joints with ringing noise in my left ear.

Although the knees are not as watery anymore if I try to do too much walking or swimming they still go sore at night with the effort put in.

And it now feels like some fatty type substance at the front of my knees and in my ankles has appeared since the watery knees have gone down somewhat.

I will usually awake in a morning with not a stiffness ache but an ache in my left knee and ankle and some discomfort in my wrist neck and arms at the shoulders.

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Hi Minka,

Thanks for the notes has made good reading. What you need to add is how long the stiffness is in the morning after waking up. Is it for only half an hour, one, two three hours. This will help your case. And the spots are they pus/watery filled or just red, make a note of that if you can remember what they were like. And what is the skin like after they have gone down, write that as well if the skin is different. Have you noticed any difference to your nails on either fingers or toes, if you have note it.

Good luck with your appointment.


hi george the guys going to think im a nutter already They are sort of little red with water this morning but not as sore as they where the skin feels a what would i say like sand paper fine grit i would call it if that makes sence.

as i told feather whent for a swim last night boy was i sore last night in the bottom back area and this morning took about an 1/2 hour of pacing up and down to free it off a bit but its still a bit stiff and me ankle on me left knee well i think i will strap it again not done it for a bit and the hips where a bit discomforting to say the least. around the groinal area.

funny thing is though im not that stiff in the cartlidge are of my joints mainly its under the knee caps and at the front of the joint stiffness in a morning


That's fine Minka but I suggest you take some photos of swollen joints especially if they are synovial joints that are affected such as knuckles or middle joints on your fingers as I was told by GP and rheumy that this is classic RA swelling. You could print them and show him in case there's not much to show on the day? Tilda


tilda the hands now just have little red blobs on knuckles that are going down a bit but you can still see them

and the knee has somthing lkike fat substance at the frunt and under the knee cap

dont know if rumi does this when it starts to go down the fluid sort of turns to a fatty substance

i looked at this on internet thought maybe it was this or somthing then im not a knee doctor


I really just meant it might be a good idea to take photos of anything visible from pink blotches to fatty knees in case you are having a good day when this rheumy sees you and have less to show him or her - that's all.


Hi there Minka,

looks like a good summary of your main symptoms. You know you say 'I would wake in the morning with the bed wet through with sweat' - do you still get these sweats? If so maybe you should make that clear.

Best of luck to you,



will do feather

whent for a swim yesterday night boy was i started to get sore last night


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