Pins and needles and tingling in arms, legs and neck.

I was wondering if anybody else gets pins and needles in arms legs and neck. I spent this morning at our county show. After walking around for an hour or so I realised I had a pins and needles feeling in my feet, it didn't bother me too much but since i got home it has gotten worse and is now in my hands and lower arms, legs, top of neck and back of head. Obviously I am scared by it as it has never been this bad before. A couple of months ago I had nerve conduction studies and they came back as normal.

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  • Yes- several times with different causes.

    B 12 deficient- told doctor- checked bloods, given injections , symptoms improved.

    Vitamin D deficient - again bloods checked, given injections, symptoms improved.

    Viral nueritis infection of nervous system- came on after food poisoning. Nervous system became inflamed causing pins and needles and numbness -rest and time to recover! Nerve tests came back fine.

    Post bad flare when Arthritis is active- often get pins and needled , restless legs and numbness, it's as if the nerve pathways are inflamed too and a bit aggravated.

    When i get it now and I know that my bloods are fine I just try and rest a a wee bit as I am normally about to flare or about to flare or get poorly with a bug.

    Please ask your doc or rheumy to get bloods checked. Over my 14years of RA I've had lots of tests for MS, nerve damage due to infection and blood tests. All bouts of this have been easily fixed but Docs often check for everything if you present with pins and needles. So don't worry if the want to do some scans even though you have had a nerve test, all everyday tests for these kind of symptoms to rule anything sinister out and put it down to good old RA! Good luck and try not to worry xx

  • Thank you. My B12 levels were at the lower end of normal so GP let me have B12 injections, but apparently I didn't have the required response so he has decided it wasn't the cause of my fatigue and tingling. I asked for a check on vit D levels but he wouldn't request them. Have just got back from the GP now and he has no answer, says to ask the rheumatologist as could possibly caused by methotrexate? He has requested blood tests to check minerals etc. The pins and needles and tingling in hands and wrists is lasting longer than it ever has before, just hope they will feel better tomorrow. x

  • Hi

    As others have said, there could be many causes of this. Neuropathy is one thing that hasn't been mentioned on here but I assume that's one of the things they would have been checking for when they did the nerve conduction tests.

    Hope they get to the bottom of this soon!


    (NRAS Helpline)

  • Hi there, sorry to hear about your symptoms.

    I too get these in arms, legs and feet but my Docs only just getting on top of things after a diagnodis of Diabetes in Feb this year.

    So, might be worth while considering Diabetes as a poss cause and getting checked out especially if your on steriods too.

    All the best.


  • Thanks Farjer, I also have type 2 diabetes, it was diagnosed a few months before the RA. It is well controlled though and apparently the nerve conduction test showed it wasn't diabetic neuropathy. The GP I saw yesterday has done bloods for B12 levels, folate and calcium, although I have recently had a course of B12 injections so that will be ok and my folate levels were above normal. Its not too bad today, seemed to be made worse yesterday from walking around for a couple of hours. Was scarey having the tingling in the face and neck too.

    Lottie xx

  • Hi I have pins and needles in my right side, from my shoulder down to my toes including my fingers. When I told my doctor he prescribed Pregabalin. It does help to calm down the pins and needles. Doc says it is due to nerve damage cause by RA.

  • Hi Lottie - coming very late to this discussion but I've just posted about pins and needles in hands and wrists and arms and then remembered this post of yours. I wondered what the outcome was for you of all the tests. My GP was reluctant to check my vit D levels too - guess it must be an expensive test?! Tilda

  • Hi Tilda, have just read through your post. I have had pins and needles feeling in hands and arms since before diagnosis. I have had 2 nerve conduction tests and carpal tunnel syndrome and diabetic neuropathy have been excluded. My B12 levels were 181(lower limit of normal) GP gave me B12 injection but they haven't really made a difference. My potassium level is below normal level so he is now wondering if it was that that caused the odd tingling 2 weeks ago. He has told me to lay off the diuretic I take for my blood pressure to see if that makes a difference. It hasn't so far, and without it I tend to hold more fluid and am therefore more swollen in hands and legs and so the circle continues. I have continual swelling in hands and fingers that seems to be worse on exertion and with heat. Still waiting for methotrexate injections.

    The pins and needles feeling in legs and feet also seem to be worse on exertion, but I realise the importance of exercise so try to ignore it.

    GP just asked me if I get out in the sun and said I would get enough vit D from the sun.

    I think having a few health problems complicates things, but I feel they are all related to the RA as they all came on within a year of each other.

    If you manage to get it sorted let me know,

    Lottie xx

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