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Constant pins and needles


Hi, I am 24 years old, I have been living with pins and needles constantly for the last 7 months in my hands, feet and tounge, I also have a constant ringing noise in my ear. Blood tests, nerve conduction study, osteopath visit twice, CT brain and spine scan, neurologist examination, eye test all came back perfectly normal. Neurologist considered anxiety, but I have had CBT during this time which has helped my anxiety emensly. In my teenage years I had migraines with aura and age 18 I had a TIA stroke, cause hole in heart and this lead to a PFO closure in 2010, and nortriptyline 25MG daily which has cleared all migraines. I am awaiting results of a MRI brain and spine scan. Does anyone else live with constant pins and needles in the body parts I've mentioned? It's been getting worse recently and driving me mad! I have had to quit my office job due to it. Many thanks for reading. Hannah

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Also my blood pressure is normal. I don't drink or smoke, I am normal weight for my height, I exercise and eat a relatively healthy diet (including brown rice/pasta). Pins and needles are worse at night and ice helps my hands during the night.

Hi Hannah, do you have RA and if yes, what RA Meds are you on?

Hi thanks for replying, I haven't been diagnosed with anything yet so I don't know. Only meds I take are nortriptyline

You are on the Rheumatoid Arthritis forum message board and as your symptoms seem to be more neurological you may find the other forums on Healthunlocked more helpful.


Hi Hannah

I'm also a little confused. Do they think you might have RA as well? If so, people with RA can get something called neuropathy along with their RA, but it sounds like you are seeing a specialist and having tests, so hopefully they are doing everything they can to try to determine what might be causing these problems. If you don't have possible RA as well, this might not be the best forum to use, as Braecoon suggested, but if you do, please feel free to post, especially with questions about the RA symptoms.

Kind regards



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