Pins & needles!

Pins & needles! Hi everyone hope ur all as well as can be just a quick question I get pins& needles in my left hand if I hold my phone or kindle in it a bit longer than usual & I get this tingling sensation in it. Was at a loss as to what this could be, I'm forever blaming everything on this blooming disease, just wondered if any one else's has had this problem. Many thanks Michelle x

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Hello Chemar, I also get pins and needles in my hands and finger and it even goes all the way up to my elbow sometimes. It also goes numb on either hand, I have told the Rummey nurse and the consultant is sending me for an MRI sometime in june. But I also get it when I hold my phone for while. It could be the RD but am sure someone else on here will have the answers. Hope you are having a good day apart from the pins and needles..

hope you have a pain free day.

Carol xx


Thanks for your reply carol yes I thought I had seen it somewhere on here as well gentle hugs Michelle x


I get loads of pins and needles in both hands, due mainly to my neck. Had it before the RA, it's very annoying but find positioning my head in a certain way helps. Have them now typing this, hope you find an answer


Thank you x


Pins & needles in your hand can come from nerves being squished in your neck, your elbow or your wrist - often as a result of swelling & inflammation in the tendons. Ask your GP about it - the distribution of the feeling can help narrow down where it is coming from.

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Thank you I usually feel sore in my elbow joint so this sounds about right x


This is what happens with me and I have had an EMG to diagnose carpal tunnel. I also had it in the other hand and have had that one operated on which fixed the problem so the tests were right. My sister also complained of the same numbness while holding the phone or steering wheel and hers was carpal tunnel too.

Check with your doc and see if they will send you for an EMG but be wary, it took a few times of testing before mine showed up suddenly as 'severe'.

I also have peripheral neuropathy but the diff is that the numbness from carpal seems to go away when you shake and move your hand and comes when you are asleep or holding something. Numbness from the nerve routes in the neck, usually, and I stress 'usually', comes with other symptoms. I've been fused from C4-T1 and the numbness didnt only occur when holding things or sleeping, it was constant with weakness and pain radiating down my arm plus other myelopathic symptoms.

Anyway see your doc and they will sort it for you, it may be a quick fix if its carpal tunnel.

Oh and just to add... if it is C-Tunnel then it can come and go before it gets worse so dont be surprised if it fluctuates.


Have you tried sleeping with a wrist splint on the affected hand.......I find that really helps. Kathy


I often wake up in the night with pins & needles in both hands... I have just been diagnosed with RA and assume it is part of it! x


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