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well just come back from me nerve tests on me legs

well the guy shoved the needles in and sent shocks through them and after told me the mussles seem to be responding ok but keep ya swimming up and workout on them

i think this is bone related issue.

so we are back to square one it would seem unless something comes out on the blood.

from looking at some of your post dosnt look like i should fill the forms in for disability allowances. cos it dosnt look like ya will get it at 62 years old plus the fact i havent got a proper diagnosis yet

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After reading the posts on here I think it would be easier to get an audience with the Pope than to get DLA no matter what your age. Are you awaiting more tests then? Hope you get some answers soon. Swimming is great, I love it but won't go now until after the school holidays as the pool is swarming with kids lol. Roll on December and my Health Club membership :-) No more changing rooms that smell of pee lol

Paula x


Dear Minka

It's worth looking into DLA even if you don't have a diagnosis as yet. Perhaps it would be worth giving DIAL a call. They can help you to fill in the forms, but might also first give you an idea of whether or not they think it's worth putting in a claim at this stage. Their number is 01302 310 123.

Sorry to hear that you still don't have a diagnosis, but it's still a step forward if they've ruled something out. Hope you get a diagnosis soon.


(NRAS Helpline)


It possibly is unlikely that you would get DLA given the current procedures for it, but you really should try for it - you don't need a diagnosis, just have to have care needs or mobility problems. If you did get it, it would open up a lot more support after age 65 that you wouldn't otherwise get. You do need to get a competent person to help fill out the forms though. Best to try is the disability advisor at your local CAB, as they know the system inside out, and know how to put your problems into the right words to get best results. Definitely worth trying for even if you did get turned down.


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