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can anyone tell me if this is a flareup?

whent for a swim yesterday just to get a bit of exersise on me legs

round about 8pm my feet where tingling and legs.

like a kettle boiling it felt like.

sweat quite a lot last night and me arms and shoulders where aching and fingers this morning along with my ribs, never had that before for weeks

i dont think their is one place in me body that has not acked this morning so i got up made me self a cupa and sat in back garden for a bit and tried not to sloutch to much.

then tried a little walk to sort of unstiffen.

this thing affects everyting

all ya body feels dried up.

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Minka, i think you should ring your rheumy and ask them. I don't think you would suffer like that quite so quickly. I know yesterday i went to bedworth in my scooter by the afternoon i was very tired,but not Like you have mentioned. You might just have a virus, but either way i would get it checked out. Well done for getting in the pool and swimming.



hi sylvi your up early to

do you know syl i sometimes think its ms

i did push it a bit at the pool even though it ached a bit before i whent sweat quite a bit last night and i was knackered watching the closing stages of the olimpics.

i havent got a rumi i can phone so i will have to see what comes back off the blood test

fingers are a bit clumbsy this morning also.

i have never had a flare up so i thought i would ask people slyvi

when i when 2 days ago for a swim it didnt affect me as much as this time

regards john


Hi there Minka,

I've been diagnosed with inflammatory arthritis but I'm waiting to find out if it is RA or some other kind. I had one particularly bad patch a few months ago. I had fatigue, aches everywhere, stiffness and some horrible pain. I also had fevers every few days which started with feeling extremely cold and not being able to get warm. My temperature was raised by just 1 degree above normal each time. However, I did have occasional days when I felt much better.

As far as I'm concerned, that was a flare i.e. a time when my symptoms were much worse. From what I've read on various sites and all the posts here, different people experience different kinds of flares.

I'm not saying you have RA and it is possible that I might have had some sort of virus back then as well as inflammatory arthritis. But I do think that flares vary a lot.

Do you have a thermometer? My GP advised me to get one so that I could find out what was normal for me, keep a check on those fevers and contact them straight away if my temperature was raised by more than 1 degree.

Also, are you keeping a diary of your symptoms? I did that and then took a simplified version of it to hospital appointments. To my surprise the consultants were interested! (And advised me to keep doing it.)

Good luck with your quest for a diagnosis,

Christina x


hi christina

well i got to the bank in leigh on me stick yesterday and am going to a birthday party today then the caravan after that for a couple of days

i paid the price this morning with me ankle on the worst leg i think im going to put a ankle strap on it today arms are aching to this morning was not to bad yesterday but im going to phone regards me blood tests this morning bet they came back normal.

only been taking paracetomol but i think i will start taking ibrufen again with them see how i go till i get some proper tablets for it.

its funny how many mussles can ache at the same time its a bit like having a mussle problem but your joints crack with like air in them also

regards john