Can anyone help me

Over the past 6 weeks I have notice that my memory is getting really bad not remembering thing also when I am talking I say the wrong words,

Also when I am asking my husband to get something for me in my head iam telling him what I want but the words I am thinking are not coming out can this be related to RA

I have been to the doctors who has said they want to run aload of bloods which I will have tomorrow.

Has anyone else had this issue



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  • Hi Michelle

    Sometimes I get like that, had a bout between feb and April when I was on sulpha. Some people call it brain fog which is an apt description, it can happen with the fatigue RA brings. I also have an interactive thyroid so if I'm over tired it can happen, it particularly affected my short term memory

    So I would say you're not alone in this and try not to worry too much, your doctor sounds like they're onto it

    Hope you feel better soon

    Ronnie x

  • Thanks ronnie, until last year when ibecame ill with RA in june I had never been ill but I making up for it now lol, its like you get RA and everythingthing else comes along a bit like waiting for a train lol

    Thanks again

    Michelle x

  • I asked my doc about this cos I was worried that I was getting Alzheimer's! He said often RA causes fatigue and it is the fatigue that gives you bad concentration and memory problems. As my RA has improved someone I have found what I called my brain fog lifted as well.

    However of course it's well worth having a good old check up from the neck up lol, I hope you start to feel better soon and if u have time let us know what they say? Hugs xxxxxx mmmm what's my name again? Lol Axx

  • Allanah thanks I thinkni like the brain fog I will tell my husband if I can remember who he is lol,

    Will let you know when get results next week



  • Hi Michelle - yes I'm having a lot of brain fog just now and have been a bit lost because my RA is apparently quiet at the moment and I'm on a lower dose of MTX than before so can't and won't blame the drugs. Like Ronnie I'm hypothyroid and I've been reading about this autoimmune condition and I think it's responsible for my fogginess rather than RA or drugs. Have you had your thyroid tested this time (if you can remember!) - I asked for my Vitamin D levels to be checked ten days ago when I was really thinking of B12!? Got a long lecture from GP on how I just need to eat more sardines! Tilda x

  • I too have 'Brain fog' at times. I have to write my passwords down for work & carry them with me for when I use the computer or till. Also which is more embarrassing is that I get my colleagues names mixed up, I just laugh it off & say 'sorry guys', but was beginning to think I had Altzeimers too!

    This has only been since the RA diagnosed in jan & treatment starting. Due to the pain,Fatigue, tablets I had to give my supervisors job up & go down to a customer assistant, I physically & mentally was struggling with doin g my job. I also have dropped my hours down from full time. Im hoping that I will eventually be able to go back to full time, whether I go for promotion again I don't know.

    So I can sympathise with anyone going through it too. We are not losing it, its down to the Ra /meds etc.

    Rie x

  • Rie

    I use a note pad all the time now hubby even write thing done for me bless him at least it only words and remembering what to do hubby said he is glad I havent forgot how to bake his cakes lol micelle x

  • Did any of you read how cocoa is good for brain function? It was on the. Radio news this morning. Quite nice idea anyway

  • Glad you said cocoa not coke, might set some people off again LoL!!

  • Yes, it's given me permission to have a hot chocolate, cream and marshmallows each day. I don't think it was quite what they wanted us to do though!

  • Go for it tho. My heads feeling clearer already. Its only taken me a week to remember the name of the wee village were staying in!

  • Cocoa sounds good to me anything is worth a go but I bet next week they will say its bad for us lol

  • I had a consult with a neurologist recently and he asked if I had memory problems and when I described them he said it was probably my age! Cheek LOL. I'm only 48! XXX

  • Hi tilda, thta is one thing they are testing for as well as B12 and liver having them done today, I'm on high does MTX 25mg hydro dicifinic pain meds amtimpline and a number of other as ive not been stable since being dignosed, hope I'm I'm not told to eat fish cant stand the taste lol

    Michelle x

  • Ugh I have a half eaten tin of sardines in the fridge still! Its the fish with little edible bones that improve everything including cognitive function he said. I think the chocolate option is more my cuppa though. And if you go for the really dark stuff then it also has anti-inflammatory properties I'm told! X

  • Hello Michelle,

    Yes I get this 'brain fog' too but never made the connection with RA as I already have dyslexia and was told that's why my concentration & short term memory are so awful. But struggling for the right word is happening more now, if I don't write things down I forget them. Good luck with the blood test results.


  • Thanks everyone at leastiknow I'm not alone, will let you all know when I get my results that if I remember what I have been told, will take hubby with me at least then I will get it right lol

    Hope everyone is having a good day x

  • Hiya,

    I'm struggling to find the right word yet my whole life long this was one thing that came very easily to me. Funny how these allegedly 'age-related' things, (according to some medics) coincide with RA & RA drugs. Same goes for Osteoarthritis in my opinion!

    Luce x

  • Think I'd rather have the cocoa/ chocolate than sardines! lol

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