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Hello I am new to this side of Healthunlocked normally found on the LSN side. I have osteoarthritis which affects my back and hands. Please could anybody tell me if they have fluid across the base of their back due to this? and if so is it because of the joints rubbing together or is it something to do with the spine please?

Would be very grateful if anyone could help and explain this for me.

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Hello, that's a brilliant question, good luck.

Thank you for the good luck, I really could do with some help/advice.

I'm certain, that you will be looked after on here because our ladies know no boundaries when it comes to, OA, RA, AA, RAC OH YES Green flag lol, they'll be soon.

Hello zero654. Have you tried your GP? The NRAS helpline is also a very good starting point for advice. They are knowledgeable and very helpful. We're not really meant to give advice here. Good luck and a happy Christmas.

Thanks for the support stbernhard. Perhaps I put it the wrong way when I typed it, Just really wanted to know if anyone had in fact or got the same type of thing I mentioned. I was not really looking for advice even if it was written and sounded that way.

My husband has bad arthritis too, and his knees and hips are really bad but at 60 too young to get anything done on the NHS and no funds to go private. His knees also fill with fluid and because I have chronic inoperable back arthritis and take 30 odd tabs daily, including MST (slow release morphine) and Oramorph to top up for the pain. I just wanted to know if any body else had a feeling of fluid round the base of the back?

What was wrong with that?

I will not bother asking anything else. Thank you, and hope you have a pain free Christmas.

Do you mean that it feels as if it is swollen? Or is it actually swollen? If you press it does it pit? Is it the spasm in the muscles causing a swelling in the back? Could it be fat building up over the lower back? (I used to have a swelling at the base of my neck which I thought was fluid - but it was a pad of fat which disappeared with weight loss and exercise).

I don't feel I can give you an answer because I'm not quite sure exactly what you are asking?

Thank you for replying, I am very pleased that you have taken me seriously and have an idea of what I have been trying to say.

It is like the build up to those undescribable spasms that you get (the ones where it feels like a chinese burn (do not know if you remember them - the boys at school back in the 70's tried to give the girls one, it was twisting your arm with their hands one hand one way and the other hand in opposite direction), only spasms are a million times worse. Anyway, it builds up and up and up etc., then will subside until the next one. The fluid bit feels all wobbly. Am I making any sense? Will have to get my husband to have a look to see if it is swollen. I have scars where hot water bottles have been but that was/is for pain as well as the medication.

Have tried to explain and thank you once again for replying to me.

Hi, I also have osteoarthritis in my knees and I also have rheumatoid arthritis. My knees use to swell up terribly because of the pressure, the joints leak fluid, that is my understanding. Went for steroid shots and they only worked a short time. That was before I discovered the RA thing. I was sent to rheumatologist because of pain moving in different parts of my body. Anyway, I am taking meds for the RA and it seemed to clear up the swelling in my knees also but didn't fix the pain. I am 69 and still working in retail so on my feet for 5 and 6 hrs straight. Knees are hurting right now when I walk but I take my advil arthritis 8 hr, and put my braces on to keep the bones from moving too much and I can usually get through the day. I guess my solution would be knee surgery but I am not ready for that. Not advice but that's my experience. Use ice to keep swelling at minimum and anti inflammatory like Advil if you can take it. I can't take the advil cause of meds I am taking for RA. My husband has bad pack and he finds that the SALONPAS helps a lot. Good luck, Merry Christmas!

hello mickeysmom34472

Bless you for answer my plea. You are in the same situation as my husband he suffers with both knees and hips and still cares for me full time. He often says about the fluid on his knees he takes Celebrex for the pain and co-codamol, but these only take the "edge" off the pain and do zero for the fluid. Last time he went to hospital they took some bone out of his knee, it was floating around in the fluid. This was at least 15 years ago and the consultant said then you either keep on working until your body gives up or you pack up now, take life easier and then maybe you will be alright for a bit longer. Nevertheless he continued to work (not as easy as these consultants, doctors etc think) and yes it got a lot worse. He is 60 now and also has spondylitis (sorry can not spell the word), neck arthritis as well. Unless he goes private for knee replacements he has to wait until his 65th birthday, 5 years to go god willing.

I am certain that you understand what I have been trying to explain and yes leaking fluid from my already back problems sounds about right. It stings like hell too I can also feel it wobbling around the lower facet joints which of course seem to tighten up and then release. I am lucky to be on medication to stop full blown spasms which help dull them. I too have had injections twice in my back joints on separate occasions also tens treatment, accupunture, been to pain clinic, seen muscular skeletor doctors even had an epidural nothing helped. So got left with 30 odd tablets which include slow release morphine and they are all taken for breakfast, lunch, dinner and bedtime rounded off with Oral Morphine to top up. All because there is no operation the hospital can do for me. I am lucky though there are people and children far worse off than me. I have had my life they have not so should not complain really.

Thank you again for your understanding and I will tell my husband what he can try with his poor ole knees.

You take care now, rest and take it slowly think of yourself and try to ease up. Merry Christmas to you and I hope a very pain free 2017 - xxxx.

Hiya c-z654, welcome to us here at NRAS. As well as RD I have OA, specifically hands, cervical & lumbar spondylosis though I don't have fluid at the base of my back. I do have good pain control thanks to my lovely GP so rarely troubled with OA pain. That said I have been having some recently in my lumbar region which I'm investigating ready for an appointment with her early in the NY & fear it may be due to my latest DMARD, but I'm going off track here. I take it with you saying fluid it's like a puffy swelling? To be honest I can't really say what would cause this, you don't say if you have any particular pain with it, other than OA pain I would think. Could it be a sacroiliac joint problem, this link explains better than I could I'd certainly see your GP, it's obviously not something you've had forever & so really should be investigated, he may suggest imaging if he doesn't know what's going on.

I hope you're not in too much pain & can have a comfortable Christmas.

Hello nomoreheels and thank you for your kind welcome.

Have had back condition (see earlier mentions) for fifteen plus years now, and as I said before before those horrific spasms come on you can feel them slowly creeping up but because of the tabs and Morphine I am taking they tell the brain chemicals (the ones that identify pain) to block the spasms. Believe me they do not always work and it leaves you unable to even wriggle your nose when you get these. As for any puffiness I can not see for myself, can't turn to look. Not that I am fat it is because of the discomfort it causes. So will get my husband who is my full time carer, bless him to have a look.

I will go and check out that site and see if anything resembles it but as the lady before said and I know with my poor husbands knees that fluid from joints when being rubbed together cause leakage from the cartlidge - wear and tear, so the shock absorbers between them (the spongy bits) are damaged. I think this maybe what is happening, but come new year will have to go back to doctors and he will send me for yet another MRI, but bet a pound to a penny it is now the lower facets that are giving up. Rather like me coz I am fed up with the lymphoedema/cellulitis too. Still here though so lucky in one respect.

Did not have any Christmas dinner too sleepy from the Morphine (slept bad xmas eve), try and help hubby tomorrow if he lets me.

Happy, peaceful, healthy 2017 to you and many thanks for replying to me.

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