hi every one ive been diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis got blood test back my immune system is all over the place my lungs are open to infections the blood count levels one was normal and the other one of the scales 1000 im on medication but in 3 weeks time im going to be on mtx and also the hospitial have ask me to go on a study and the results go to a research centre at manchester any info please

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  • hi is this study the orbit reserch where they try anti tnf or rituximab x

  • hi the study is called rams for the drug mtx to see if people have side effects also you have to have regular blood test an fill a booklet in once a week and have interviews fitted within your appointments at the hospitial hope this helps

  • Hi, this may be the study I've been on. It's called RAMS and the Univ of Manchester are trying to find out who will benefit from taking MTX and who may have side effects.I decided to do this hoping it might help other people. I started the study at the same time as starting MTX in May. It doesn't take up too much time, you have short interviews (which my hospital has fitted in around other appointments) and fill in a very short diary once a week. If you need any more info let me know. Good luck.


  • That's research that would be great if it provided an answer! imagine if they could work out in advance what would suit you, and all the misery that would be avoided. Well done for bothering to take part. Px

  • hi caroline yes it is called rams il keep intouch thanks

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