Where have all the bloggers gone?

Where have all the bloggers gone?

Haven't seen much activity on the blogs recently. Is everyone on holiday or have you all given up? Can't remember it going so quiet for such a long time. I do enjoy reading the blogs as I get so much good information from them and hopefully give a bit out as well. Hope everyone is feeling brighter and better and that's the reason for not blogging. LavendarLady x

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  • Hi Lavendarlady, I suppose it's because of the holiday season. I was off site for a few weeks recently due to holidays and other medical problems.

    I'm slowly getting back into it now, lots of new people too.

    Take care, lovely doggie pic, I love dogs.

    mand xx

  • Hi Lavendarlady, I just havent felt like blogging for a while but did manage to blog about my trip to London. It took me a week to get over it but it was worth it.

  • Cooeee Dotty I am still here.

    I thought everyone had given up on here. I think it was three days without a single movement. But I suppose it is the summer and this does make a difference.

    I just love that piccy of your doggie. My old dog was a brown cocker crossed with a black lab daddy. She had a lovely coat like that. I do miss her. Looks like we are going to be getting a little terrier for the farm. Not sure if I shouldn't get another too.

    Like you say, the site is always full of such useful and interesting information and I missed it when it went quiet.

    Any road up, I shall keep blogging on...

    Take care Julie xxx

  • Still here but haven't been feeling up to it really!!

  • Hi Julie, Sharon & mand. Glad to hear from you. Piccie is of my old Lab Bessie who died 4 years ago. I still miss her terribly despite having Berry and Tilly now. Hope the terrier works out ok - a friend of mine has two Norfolk Terriers - delightful little dogs and very spunky. Went to see her this morning as she is recovering from a knee op - let myself in to be confronted by her Tibetan Mastiff Sally Ann, who is huge but soft. So stood still while Sally Ann had a good sniff and recognised me. Take care all. Love LavendarLady xx

  • Hi, I am still here, I keep checking in on you all but have not had urge to blog for a while. Will write a quick catch up piece later today/tomorrow or whenever it's gone quiet! Love to you all xx

  • I did wonder where you had got to Jo. I did think though as it's the summer hols kids and hubby off you may not have as much time.

    Lovely to hear from you, hope you are well and kids aren't driving you to mad!lol..

    Take care

    and xx

  • I'm never very far away...but yes it is busy here and I'm tired ;) Making the most of the dry-ish days to get out an about and trying to have as many floppy days as the kid's will allow when it's wet! Is it results time in your household Mand? Hope everyone is happy, I'm looking forward to catching up properly in a few weeks' time when everyone is back to where they need to be! xx

  • Yes results day on Thursday!! 25th

    mand xx

  • Best of luck, not long to wait now! x

  • Glad to see your still around. Was trying to find you on the Directory the other day to no avail. How are the feet, any better? How are you finding the school holidays, have you managed ok? My two have been really good so it's not been too bad. Mel x

  • Hi Mel, was wondering how you've been getting along too, have not had a proper catch up on here yet but have seen something about anti-tnf...is that where you're heading now? I'm loving being on hols and having later nights and later mornings, the new term is going to kill me having to be up and ready before midday and we've had tons of pj/dvd days as weather been so bad! My two are being very good tho and of course I have Steve here to help/do mostly everything so my feet are recovering slowly and surely...think the real test will be the walking to and from school in Sept again - boo! Take care xx

  • Hello LL,

    I am still around, just reading not up to blogging or talking at moment. Had fantastic trip with pals to Stockholm, they were really good to me, but did feel tired quite a bit! Did it anyway, have big party this week end for birthday, so full house from tmaro! To be truthfull I was totally exhausted last night, as came home 11pm Tues night & straight back to work Wed morn!!!! Can you imagine, travelling, even paced really takes it out of us RA endurers, anyway glad you are all alive & kicking, am sure I will be blogging away when winter comes, especially after my visit to ortho surgeon for ankle (5/9/11) hope he can help my deformed foot & ankle.

    xxxx Gina.

  • Hi Gina, so glad you had a great time in Stockholm. Good luck with the Ortho surgeon, Let us know how you get on. LavendarLadyx

  • Knew you would go and have a good time lol xx

  • The lovely dog looks like an old lady in pic. grey bib/ beard .I love gentle dogs x

  • Hi Alison, Yes she was getting on a bit then. Can't remember when the picture was taken but she died in 2007 aged 15. Probably taken when she was about 10/11 I should think. She started going grey on the muzzle when she was about 9. She was a very gentle dog with a lovely soft mouth and I loved her to bits having had her since she was an 8 week old pup. She was a gun dog. LavendarLadyxx

  • my dad had a black lab as a gun dog.. bonny

  • Hi lavender lady,

    I've been away from here for around six weeks or so now I keep popping on to check on you all but not had the energy or the heart plus hands been very bad past few weeks.

    In past few weeks I've had some real bad flares but worst of all I lost my best friend to the evil cancer so still struggling to get my head straight but as soon as I do I will blog again.

    Take care

    Julia x

  • Hi Julie, so sorry to hear your not well, I thought you must be having a bad time as your often around for comments etc.So sorry to hear about your friend too.

    Just to say that I'm thinking of you and hope you start to feel better soon, take care luv.

    mand xx

  • Thanks Mand x

    I'm getting there and will be back soon x

    Julie x X

  • Hi I am still here too, i havent blogged for a little while because it seemed to be everytime i blogged i was moaning about something so i thought id give you all a rest lol I do pop on to see whats going on etc and i have left an answer to a couple of people. I will write a new blog and there wont be any moaning lol

    love to all

    Judy x

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