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Hello there,

Iam so glad that i found the NRAS and this site, your are all so helpful and friendly

I have been diagnosed for 2 years now and the last 8 months have not been that good, what with flare ups and the hospital cancelling my last 2 appointments. I try to keep cheerful and not let it get me down but sometimes it is hard but reading your blogs really help so thank you to you all


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Hello Carrieanne,yes this a good site i'm a member of 3 healthunlocked sites and they are all very helpful.Hope you are having a painfree day,Beth =^..^=


Morning Carrieanne,and welcome. You will find a lot of helpful advice on here. The people are great too. We share in your joys and cheer you up in your sorrows.



Hi Carrieanne

A lot of people find this site a blessing so glad you have found it.

Hope you get your rhuemy appt soon - have you got a rhuemy nurse? It might be worse giving them a ring and seeing if they can speed things up for ypu

Hope to hear from you again soon

Julie xx


Hi Julie,

I did have a rhuemy nurse but due to cut backs she is no more, whats more frustrating is that on my last appt they gave me a 6wk course of predneslone, which was brilliant, but of couse not been back to hospital since and that seems so long ago, sorry dont mean to waffle on.

Carol x


haha you sound like me! I'm always apologising for waffling :) but your not waffling whatsoever!!!

Thats just awful not having an RA nurse to ring, poor you but it's wrong you are suffering like this...

Hope your having a better day, come back, let us know how you are and 'waffle' away!! x


Hi again

It may be worth asking your GP if he can prescribe a short course of steroids to see you through till your appointment.My GP has done this when i'm having a bad flare until i can get to see the rhuemy.

Also it may be worth phoning the hospital to see if they have any cancellations.



welcome.. I have been diagnosed just over 2 years too and I also have had ups and downs.. this illness often behaves like this.. but when things settle life isnt too bad xx



I think its worth having another chat with your GP and telling him how you feel and often if you telephone the rheumatoid clinic they can call you if they get a cancellation. Good luck Axx



Thanks for all your replies, I got my appointment through today for march and it is with the actual consultant who i have not seen since my first appt, so glad to have heard from hospital.

Take care

Carol x


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