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Twitticisms on the Subject in Question

This disease that we know as arthritis

Was put on this earth just to blight us,

Though it tries to defeat us,

We won't let it beat us,

Because we all know that we're fighters.

Its associates plague us with guile,

Daily tasks take more than a while,

It aches and it pains us,

And often constrains us,

But we'll get through it all with a smile.

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Like this! Tilda x


Not many days go by

Without a single pain

The doctors who keep treating us

Keep telling us the same.

This horrible disease we know.

Responses....wax and wane

Not everyone who's treated tho

Are relieved from pain

So come on all employers

Show us, all your worth

Treat us with some compassion

Because we deserve the best

Then you can be assured

We'll be at work just like the rest......


:) Love it! xx


oh like it!!!!!


You girls are in league of your own. I am in awe of you.


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