News on the Upgrade to HealthUnlocked

As many of you have noticed there’s been an interruption to service today with a new-look site that replaced the existing one. It was a big moment for HealthUnlocked - the changes come as a result of nine months of channeling feedback from 150,000 of our members who have come to us suggesting even better ways of communicating, sharing information and supporting each other.

Many today have been dealing with some of the early niggles and bugs and being very helpful with your feedback. We know how much many of you depend on this community. Heartfelt apologies if it has been a bit frustrating for some.

We guarantee:

- The new features will significantly improve what you can do in HU in future

- Other improvements will appear over the next weeks and months

- We won’t stop until we’ve ironed out any bumps

We ask for your help over the next few days:

- To let us know any issues you can spot at

- To bear with us. We’ll get there!

We’re a small team of people dedicated to making HealthUnlocked the best network around for managing your health online. Thanks for your understanding and being here to help us achieve that - it’s a group effort.

Apologies if I’m unable to answer individual comments here as we now have over 200 communities across the platform to communicate with.

Matt Jameson Evans

(HealthUnlocked Co-founder)

7 Replies

Hi i don;t seem able to sign in


Seem to be in now. Sorry it seems i'm being dippy


Your not alone in that so don't worry about it too much as i think there is going to be a lot of this in the coming


I agree once I get used to the new look and can find my way around the system, at the moment I keep loosing the page and having to log back in, at least I have found how to do that easily enough!

Well done for the hard work at thought that has gone into the upgrade.


Against your Profile there is a box called Treatment and another for Symptoms, is this the only place now for Symptom Tracker? Before you could type how you felt one day, i.e. Monday, Tuesday, Wedneday to see how you were doing or is this somewhere else on the site now? Could be looking in the wrong place.


I am finding that it is now not on my browser at the top of my page and i am finding it difficult to get used to.


You will get used to it- always the same when improvements are made- be patient



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