A busy day....again

Thanks to all who replied to my question yesterday when I asked if I should try to fight a sore throat myself. I took your advice and called the surgery at the obligatory 8am to make an appointment. They could fit me in just after 10 so I took the dogs..or should that be the dogs took me... on their usual 40 min walk around the village and went to see the Dr who confirmed it is tonsilitis and gave me a prescription for antibiotics. I asked if I should still take my mtx on Friday as usual and she said she thought so and didn't see any reason why not. Straight after the Dr's I raced up to the local hospital for my OT appointment where I was fitted for a resting splint for my left hand, the right was done a couple of weeks ago. Although I don't need it at the moment she thought it would help to be prepared. A trip around Asda followed to buy the weekly groceries and then off to the chemist to pick up my prescription...the chemist was closed so back in the car and off to another chemist which was thankfully open. Well the pharmacist came out and confirmed I take mtx and said the anti biotic I'd been prescribed increased toxicity of mtx and twice weekly blood tests were indicated!! I'm on monthly. She also thought a different antibiotic may be safer but would need to speak to my Dr. Long story short she is going to call my Dr this afternoon and confirm which antibiotic I should have and have it delivered at tea time (yay). Well shopping is away, it's 2pm and just sat down. I doubt I'm alone in feeling sick of the sight of hospitals, GP surgeries and pharmacies. This new life really does take some getting used to. I feel just a tad fed up, knackered and would like to take to my bed and sulk but for now I'll have a little relax before tackling the ironing pile! I really admire those of you who work as I don't know how you manage. I hope you are all well and any advice on antibiotics with mtx would be greatly received.

Paula x

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  • Hi Paula,

    just replied to yesterdays blog, I was taking Erythromcin 250mg 4 x a day for a week. has worked. In February I was given Amoxacillian (not sure spelling) but both times these were ok with MTX.

    Hope you feel the benefits soon.

    Don't lnow how you didn't collapse after all that rushing around.

    All the best Carol

  • Thanks Carol, I've been a bit luckier than you in that the Dr just went straight for the drug option lol. I've always been one to avoid antibiotics and fight infections off even if it took weeks so having to change my way of thinking now is difficult. I'm just sat on the sofa right now but thinking about getting up as my bum is aching!

    Paula x

  • Yep me too, and the sun is so lovely out there, must take the bike for a spin round the block.

  • I wish i could i'm struckling just to walk at the moment as my ra flare is playing havoc with my toes. xx

  • Just had a call back from the pharmacist and my prescription has been changed to erythromycin. It makes you feel a bit safer to know the pharmacists are so clued up :-)

  • Paula don't you just like it when somebody does something in regard to the patients welfare,not like some of these jobsworths,boy do they annoy me. I think you should leave the ironing for today as you have done a lot already,now just rest and start to get better from your throat infection. Love sylvi.xx

  • I think you're right about the ironing Sylvi, OH can iron a shirt himself for tomorrow. I've not yet learnt the art of resting but I'm sure I will given time. It's awful that you're still in a flare but not really surprising when you're on such a low dose of mtx. Any word on when it will be increased? How long has it been since you're disease was under some sort of control?

    Paula x

  • Hi Paula, i should have mentioned yesterday that along with taking the monitering book with me i always ask if the antibiotic that's being prescribed is ok with MTX. A warning sign comes up on my gps screen if a drug is unsuitable with MTX. this may not be the case in other surgeries, even so i always ask.Any one who is likely to prescribe drugs or treatments should be aware you are on it especially the dentist, this is why my booklet goes with me at all times on appointments.

    It's a job to keep up with everyones various stages of treatment on here so had i mentioned it y/day it may have saved you a bit of hassle,apologies.

    I always check with the chemist especially if he's a temp to cover holidays or the shop is really busy, we all make mistakes even the people we trust to get it right.It is a bit of a pain having to check everything but even things like cough meds. aren't always suitable with it so a quick ask is the best policy .I am allowed to take ibuprofen because i have used it for a long time but a clued up chemist asked me if i had taken advice from my rheumy ,and i had .

    This is second nature after a while. So never worry about checking with a dr especially if you suspect an infection and there is always this site if in doubt.I have taken a suitable antibiotic with mtx without any probs even on 25mg.

    Bet you are glad you went now and well done for doing so,wishing you a speedy recovery when you eventually get your meds !!

    Beth 48xxxxx

    PS if you have been given a ( care card ) to put in your purse make sure that is with you especially on hols. :)

  • Hi Paula, glad you got sorted out, here's hoping it clears up quickly for you.

    I'm with Sylvi, leave the ironing it's too hot to do that anyway lol.

    Am just stretched out on our new reclining sofa, boy is it comfortable, doubt I'll be able to stay awake this evening. Hopefully will sleep better tonight.

    Hope you start to feel better soon.

    Mary x

  • Reclining sofa!!! Now that is the height of luxury, I'm sooooo jealous. I'll have to make do with putting my feet up on the dog.

    Paula x

  • Great advice Beth thanks. As it happens the GP was aware I'm on mtx as I asked about it during the consultation. She was a locum and I was a little concerned that she didn't sound too sure when she said she could "see no reason why I shouldn't take my mtx on Friday" so I was very grateful that the pharmacist stepped up to the mark. I'm learning as much as I can about this disease and the treatments as I think it's the safest way to proceed. We are the experts in our own conditions eventually if we take time to learn. The problem is it's tough to learn with a foggy mtx fuelled brain lol. Off to pop a pill now

    all the best

    Paula x

  • Paula

    I'm exhausted just reading everything you did. I hope you sacked the ironing as Sylvi suggested.

    My brother -in-law has very high anaphylaxis risk through various allergies and his pharmacist has had to warn him about his prescriptions several times because they have contained peanut oil or something else equally risky for him. As you say, it's just as well they are on the ball.

    Take care

    Judy xx

  • Great to see there are some good pharmacists out there !! xx

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