What happens if I take a break from Mtx and hydroqloriquin?

My rheumy is starting me on Humira. She just recd approval from my insurance but i haven't recd it yet. A week ago I weaned off of 1mo of prednisone which took the inflammation away so I feel human again. Been on mtx & hydro (plaq) since Jan 2014. Don't know if the meds kicked in or if I'm still feeling the effects of the pred? Because the inflammation has not returned since I ended the pred. My question: If I take a break from mtx & plaq w/out Dr approval for 10 days, will I have bad withdrawals or problems?

Why would I want to take a break? I want to see if I'm in a remission. I thought the inflammation would return quickly but its only been a week so maybe too soon?

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  • I'd talk to your rheumy first, as you need to have your rheumy on your side, and doing things without talking it through with them can annoy them! Also, if the rheumy thinks your RA is sufficiently active to need a biologic like Humira then it does sound unlikely that you are in a complete remission that will continue off the drugs. After all, it's very possible that the reason you're not flaring is that the drugs are working after 4 months so you no longer need the Prednisalone, so you are in a medically controlled remission.

    But I do understand the need to find out whether or not you need the drugs. I did it myself a while ago and started to taper down the drugs. But after a month or so I started to flare again, and am now back on the drugs. But I had talked it through with my rheumy first, so she didn't have a problem with me needing extra help to get over the flare. Oh, and 10 days off drugs probably won't tell you much anyway as they are slow acting drugs, and it can take quite a while for things to spark off again.

  • Thats what I figured. Thanks for letting me know you tried it too. I spoke to a dr friend of mine last night and told her and she said going off could start a huge flare. She told me she went to a conference recently on autoimmune and they talked about bad bacteria in the gut related to RA and other autoimmune. She told me to continue my Probiotics, digestive aids and to add Pre-biotic foods to my diet to help heal the gut. And to stay away from gluten and sugar. I'm hoping that the supplements I'm taking have also increased my healing. But it all takes time to heal. Thanks M

  • Great comments and info helix and marsha. Probiotics here I come!

  • Probiotics and Prebiotics and Omega 3 & 6 w Primrose Oil softgels (more 3 than 6) as research I've read is that 6 can have some inflammatory factors. The Primrose has the GLA (Gamma-Linolenic Acid) that a study showed helped RA patients reduce inflammation. Book I read "The Inflammation Syndrome" by Jack Challem. Taking 8 softgels throughout the day w meals. And it may take months to see a true difference. Will continue with meds as well. Good luck.

  • Think I am just sticking with probiotics as I seem to have allergies to everything, even herbal stuff! Thanks x

  • You know your body best.

  • Hi I have been medication free for a couple of months now, a decision I made myself. I have to say I am still pain free and feel really positive and well. It is a very personal decision to make but I can totally understand why you want to try. I completely believe that our attitude affects our entire body, immune system included, so I focus daily on a positive attitude as well as a healthy body. My only advice would be, discuss it with your GP and don't have any expectations, for me if the disease attacks back I will deal with it but with a smile on my face and the knowledge that I am in control now not it! Good luck.


  • I've also been going to hot yoga 3-4 times a week which has really helped joints become more movable. Knees and shoulders are less sore and allows me to gain some muscle strength and mobility back that the RA took away in the last 7 months.

  • Not tried hot yoga MarshM but do use Tai Chi and try to keep my joints moving even if sore, something which I would not have done before but it seems to be working for me. In the past my initial response to pain in a joint would have been to rest it but now I am trying to work with it and keep the excercise going.

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