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Cimzia update

Evening everyone.

Well, I'm due for my 2nd dose of cimzia tomorrow... The 1st was ok - didn't hurt at all but I did feel sick and light-headed and 'strange' the next day, as I said in my last blog. That lasted for 2 or 3 days and then I felt really well. The pain in my right hand almost disappeared and I wasn't waking up with a clawed hand. The last day or two I've been going steadily downhill again and my hand is really hurting again but I put that down to the dose wearing off. I'm assuming that until I've completed the 3 loading doses, there won't be enough in my system to last the two weeks. But at the moment, all signs are good.

MTX day today so just off to take it (yuck). I've just accepted now that Thursdays are non-days :-(


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Oh that sounds quite exciting Bub - I really hope after the third loading dose you get long term relief from it. I've accepted that Wednesdays are a right off for me too but when the MTX hangover eats into Thursdays as well I get really fed up .. and Fridays too.. well that's just not good news at all. But I guess Thursdays represent Cimzia for you now too so that's something hopeful at least. Good luck for tomorrow. Tilda xx


Hi there1 Hope you are ok today. I am still waiting for infusions at the hsp, so I am really interested in how you are reacting as I will probably go the same way too. Coincidently I too have been on 3 previous biologics and this will be my forth! sadly I cant take methotrexate so left with anti infam and pain killers.When I get on the infusions we can then compare notes!! take care and hoping you have a better day today than last week. Asa's mum xx


Hi Bubs

My first dose last 8 days before it wore of. I felt very energised for the first 8 days. The last 6 days of the two wks were still better than not being on it though.

Took my second dose on wednesday and like before had cimzia fatigue and headache the first day and half and once again I felt good. Hopeing it lasts longer this time round and at each subsequent injection I am hopeing it lasts longer each time. Cimzia nurse says it takes 12 wks to settle down in your system and she was pleased it seems to be working for me, thus far!

I am expereincing reduced cocods and don't need to take anti flams at all. I am also of the steroids since the wkend.

Went into work today, its the last day of term. Sat for an hour and half before my knees told me they were getting sore. Was able to walk up and down 4 flights of stairs to the second and third floor with ease - expereinced no problems. I am little tired now, so far the cimzia experience for me contines to be postive.

Hope it continues to be just as postive for you,

Take care Sci x


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