Any ideas on a different job?

I am struggling with my current role which I use a PC for the majority of the time I am in work and also do a lot of 'looking up & down etc' which doesnt help the main pain bugbare at the moment my neck. I do move around as much as I can to stop any stiffness etc getting worse.

I need to work as I am a single person etc and I am wondering if anyone has any suggestions on what else I could do. I have only ever worked with computers in an admin/pa/finance role so looking at something different is very frightening.

Any ideas most appreciated.

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Im a single person and need to work too! it is a problem.

Im now at home.( evening) I have some free software installed. called "workrave.." it prompts rest breaks. finger stretches etc on a time basis.. I cant use this at work as all hospital computers are networked.. when server goes down so do they all! so getting a prescription done is challenge then!!., load the software to home pc and see what you think?? maybe your employer might let you install it at work??depends on how big your company is and if they will/ can allow it!

How about using your skills and thinking laterallly.. those skills can get you quite a few different jobs?? what you employment market is I dont know. its not great in this area except care work.. rewarding.. but can be long hours./ shifts/ low pay and physically demanding... how about somethig like wedding planner?? PA skills. and money skills required?


Maybe try and go see a 'life coach' they can help you think outside the box, I work on a two screen computer all day, in Health Insurance, and would love a change, I'd love to work with animals, but don't think RA would let me, I would also like to help out with little kids in the classroom at Art or reading, I am very late 40s with medical condition, so unless I loose my job or get the boot doubt will be able to achieve dreams! Another one I have is to live in Portugal and have part time job, but how ould I get my meds. I hear 'Life Coaches' are great with these sort of things. On another point, I was recently amazed when trying to get balloon arrange ments for a party how many people are into balloon arrangement & parties online (Pippa /Kates parents did well on that!!!) I just though I could do that & be happy :)


I am at the stage too where I am looking for work to suit my capabilites. It's blooming hard because I can figure our the perfect job but unfortunately there aren't any!! But it is especially hard when you are having to work and look for something else too. It is all very stressful. Are you one of those who feels able to strike out on their own. Virtual secretarial services perhaps. There is a gall in Wales who has done this. She now employs other people too?

I have thought about that but I having worked out doors for the last 10 yearsas I would like to find something outside of the home, without travelling too far! It's so hard but remain positive and open minded. Life Coach sounds a good idea too Gina!

Julie xx


Hi Julie

Thanks for the reply. i will consider anything within reason lol as long as I can still afford the bills etc and able to rest as much as possible during work that would be great. Do you know anymore details of this virtual secretarial employer? It may be worth a chat & see whats what.



Did you ever look into the virtual thing. I googled "virtual secretarial services" - there are lots. x



Do you need a different job ? or your workplace made accessible to you and the limits on what you can do .

There are funds available to your company by way of the Access to work fund.

This could pay or help pay with costs of adapting your workplace to suit you ...including speech to text software such as "Dragon Naturally Speaking" and other ergonomic aids ( chairs etc ) .

Your company may have a duty to make reasonable adjustments possibly including rest breaks and possibly working from home . This would need some advice as it depends on certain facts.

I was a telecom and then a copier engineer and cannot use hand tools to the level required , i have been volunteering at a CAB , and have in effect changed career from engineering to advice work , just need to get more stable then there will be no stopping me :)

All the best

Rich C


Hi Rich

Thanks for your reply. I think I need a different job to be honest, I have lost the love for the one I currently do in Local Government, not an ideal time to change jobs but maybe a new job/location etc may just help me out. My employers sort of understand my position but others dont and I get fed up with telling people why I am in pain. That gets me down I sound like a stuck record and the 'looks' I get from people about the RA is as though they dont believe a word I am saying. I've only done desk/computer work and cannot afford to retrain & not work so I feel as though I am stuck.



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