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I taken Sulph, antiflam and anti upset tum meds. Tried Methotrex, what a poorly person I became. Specialist now says try Leflunomide. I am taking 10 mg a day t increase when told . My am I worried about side effects from this, but on we go. ......

Any views?

Also any tips for relieving wrist and hand pain.?...soo painful at moment....

very tired RA sufferer

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I was absolutely fine on Arava and still on it on the doubled dose and it has really helped my hand pain hope it does the same for you.

I use hand splints made by OT which make you feel more comfortable when they hurt, ask the Rheumy to refer you to the OT, they can help with cutlery can openers etc, which are great on bad days.

Also get hand wax baths, its a beauty treatment where u put ur hands into hot (not burning) wax and then peel off the wax to make you skin soft but the heat helps my joints. Some people find the opposite and cold packs help them more....try both!!! lots of luck



I like heat too when my hands are bad. My physio recommended that I rub olive oil on my hands and wrists and then put latex gloves over them and wriggle them in hot water. The olive oil soaks in and I find it really theraputic in quite a similar way to the wax baths. The advantage of this is you can do other things like gentle bathroom cleaning and stuff and keep putting them in the basin of hot water to wring out cloths etc so it kills two birds with one stone. I have very little hand and wrist pain these days since being on Methotrexate and Hydroxy. I really hope the Leflunomide and Sulpha have the same sort of effect on you. Good luck. Tilda x


Great ideas...I am defo going to ring a beauty shop and ask about the hot wax treatments and I am calling at Asda on the way home to buy some olive oil!....tonight I am going to try that idea too. I really appreciate your time in offering these tips.

I have an appointment allanah at the OT at the end of July, so waiting in anticipation of help.

Also I am worried about the side effects of Arava, especially since trying Methotrex made me so ill I am scared of this doing the same. I am taking 10mg a day at moment and know they will increase this if I can tolerate it...I am really hoping this will work! Up to know I have had some side effects, hot flushes is one, a rash and itchy skin another...but if it stays like this I can stand it ....No benefits yet of course but then the spec. nurse said it could be weeks and I may not get any benefits if the dose is not right.........

Tilda - I will let you know how I get on with the Olive Oil ....... thanks again ...keep well


The paraffin wax bath can be purchased from argos


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