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Crunchy feet?

Just when I said I only hobbled, bought some lovely/comfy shoes and I wake up the next day with crunchy/sore/swollen feet.

I am waiting to see about it but I have a couple of questions...

Does this mean the likelyhood of permanent damage?

When I pick up baby especially in the morning it really hurts, am I causing more damage by doing this?

I have just started Enbrel this week so hopefully that'll kick in soon...

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Hi Wiliby. Not sure what you mean by crunchy feet. Are the joints crunching or the feet very sore in general. It could be plantar fasciitis so worth getting it checked out. It may just be the new shoes!

Before picking up your baby, can you do some gentle stretching exercises? I do them every morning before I get out of bed - just stretching out my back, arms, legs etc. and when I get up also do some standing stretches which seems to get rid of the kinks.

Whether it is likely to cause permanent damage - I think you should talk to your rheumy nurse or consultant about that as they are better qualified to say one way or the other.

Enbrel will help (I am on that) but it does take a while to get to grips with RA. but you should begin to feel better. Are you stll on MTX? Both that and the Enbrel do help to restrict damage to joints.

Hope that helps. LavendarLady x


Hi LavenderLady, sorry, in my head I make sense and expect everyone else to know what I mean :) crunchy; I mean, if I sit for a while or get out of bed in the morning, they sort of click/crunch as if something out of place but if it doesn't then it's very painful until it happens.

I'll try streching before I get up, this morning I put her in the pram for the short distance just to take her in with me, she wasn't too happy!

I'm still on MTX as well, was a bit scary taking it for the first time this week, don't know what I expected to happen but all is good so far, I have been feeling more tired, not the same as when I take MTX where you feel exhausted, just sort of 'chilled' 'floating' sleepiness, did you experience this at all with Enbrel?

I have an appointment with the podiatrist (thanks Alison AKA summer :) )

Thanks again x


I know that crunchy feeling sort of like putty moving, I had that in my wrists for ages, ok now after many injections! I think its inflammation causes it. Feet, hands and wrists have all crunched at one time or another.

Hope podiatrst visit goes well.

xxxx Gina.


Be smart, get some shoes from the NHS


know what you mean about trying to explain, my feet feel like i walk on bubble wrap,xray didn't find much, i did get insoles made from podiatry and it helps also i do the stretching before i get out of bed, if baby is good to wait for you for 3/4min a.m then try a little stretch but gently,i also soak my feet 1/3 times a week in baby bath lavander by johnsons bet you have some, it is bliss,you could try using the baby water if poss,when you are drying baby do you'r feet,but do get them checked out,


The other thing I use which helps is a Circulation Booster. Also stretching exercises for my feet and I see the chiropodist regularly. I have plantar fasciitis in both feet which was the start of the RA 3 1/2 years ago and there are days when I can hardly put my feet to the ground as they are so painful. Dorothy-W idea of soaking in baby bath lavendar is good as lavendar is well known for its soothing properties. But I think any soak in either cold or warm water should help. LavendarLady x


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