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Hi hope all the RA suffers are ok,

Just to wish you a very happy and pain free I prey everyone on here is not suffering in the new year .

My feet are in agony can’t bare it no more but I am staying strong what else ever can I do as any got any benefit from afoot spa, my feet are my worst culprit

Here is my little cutie pie I’m obsessed with my grand daughter .she make me smile even when I’m in pain which is mostly always lately, I am waiting a scan on my hands and feet, the benepali isn’t doing what it’s suppose to so after my scan they are hopefullly trying a different drug, how hard is this disease I’m of work again, I will end up been finished at this rate but I just want to be healthish if that’s possible 2 years down the line I seem to be worst, sorry for the bloody downer but I’ve been the shops not even 3 hours I cannot walk properly the pain is horrible

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See if you can get a referral to a podiatrist. I have had custom made insoles and so much easier. They are a pain to find shoes to fit in and to have to change when wearing different shoes but I struggle without them. Farm

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They have supposedly referred me I’m still waiting 6 months later for podiatrist back at clinic in 10 days I will ask if it’s been done.

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Vonnie10 in reply to farm123

Hey farm look on my post would they fit in the shoes I like I doubt it so I’m stuck to ugly shoes how beads that . Hate hate it with a passion

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farm123 in reply to Vonnie10

Afraid not. I hate having to wear the type of shoes that fit the insoles but there is nothing for it - my 17 year old daughter turns her nose up. I am 51 and had to change my type of footwear years ago. I have found widerfeetshoes.co.uk and some of the slip on or boots styles are not too bad for winter but summer I struggle. Sounds as if Benepali may not the one for you. I hate how long it takes to find the right combination of drugs to manage this disease. Farm

I feel for you. Feet are the worst . And your havi g to work. Bless You!

She is gorgeous. Today I've been jealous of puppies and grand daughter's!!

Hope you feel better and get some relief from benepali soon x

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Al I’m of work I can’t do it it kills me I’m terrifed of what’s next I nurse on night part time but they way I feel it’s impossible got occupational health next week, I’m struggling I can just about go shopping 3 shops I went in, was out 2 1/2 hours 3 shops tho I push myself to do it can’t believe I can’t do it, I was crippled when I got home, I fear going to see occupational health, what will happen I’m already on stage 2 I will be on 3 now , but I can’t look after patient I’m dreading it .

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allanah in reply to Vonnie10

Go to occy health!! I w as a nurse and occy health and personnel were my best allies!

Tell them your problems. Ask what they can do to help you stay at work !! There might be phone answering services they need opds type of jobs. Rheumatology is often looking for staff with some knowledge !

Or you could leave and apply for your pension. Just get union advice and keep them informed x

The nhs will make appropriate changes to suit your ability.

Ps ask occy health to send you to physio and podiatry, you may get a quicker appointment through staff health!

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Vonnie10 in reply to allanah

Thank you al I seen them last year they were great to be honest I started the benepali it worked for so many months but it’s a no go it just isn’t cutting it for me my feet are horrendous , just a scary thought I’ve worked all my life I’m 52 and it’s just impossible I’ve seen physio I’ve got the splint of them for my hands, will see what they say as you know yourself we’re all just a number occy health are on my side, I hate this disease. Hate it even more when you tell someone and they say I’ve got that as well, I want to punch them in there face.

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allanah in reply to Vonnie10

Lol. Been there got the t shirt!

It's so annoying it takes a while to get the right drugs but if you keep telling occy health you really want to work in some shape or form.

You might not be able to run around a busy ward but other jobs may be good. The drawback ...they expect you to look for them!!

Things do feel impossible but when the combination works it will help. Have you thought of asking for some steroid until the biologic kicks in ?

Hi the benepali isn’t working for me been on it near to 6 months thanks anyway puppies and grand daughter I couldn’t think anythink nicer than that.

WHat a beautiful little lady and she would put a smile on any ones face however much pain they were in. Get yourself a scooter girl as it will help for a while when your out about,i don't like mine,but i need it so badly.

Happy new year to you darling.xxx

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Vonnie10 in reply to sylvi

No disrespect I’m not getting a scooter I will shop online if needs be while I’m trying to get sorted with different meds, I will not let it beat me. However I know maybe 10 years down the line I may need one hopefully not but I’m happy your happy with your scooter. X

Hi Vonnie ,sorry your suffering I'm also waiting for a orthotic appointment apparently it's at least a 9 mth wait here in the Highlands. I bit the bullet yesterday and paid to see a podiatrist . My big toes arnt throbbing as much now so money well spent. Hope you can get fast tracked through occ at work . Let's hope we can have less pain in the new year.

Kind regards Mike

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Vonnie10 in reply to Matalow

Thanks mick our occy health are good so I should get a fairly quick appointment . It’s wrong that gen public have to wait so long when I see the next week I need all the referrals sorting ASAP.hope you have a good 2018.

I too have really painful feet, and have been referred to the pain clinic. The waiting list is 2 years. Meanwhile I am trying acupuncture and RICE, This has helped me incredibly over the last three days. I just hopes it continues to improve. I am not a wimp, and believe I am a strong man, but I have almost been reduced to tears, especially when I have to get up at night to empty my bladder. I hope you get some relief. I wish you a happy new year.

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Vonnie10 in reply to LesJames

Thanks les I’m sure I will get there in the end diff medsand so on.

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sylvi in reply to LesJames

Les its no fun is it,my feet burn and at the moment i am waiting for surgery on my hammer toes and the nerve going into that toe is no so tight and makes life very difficult and also if you look at the skin where my toes join the foot you will see a white spot my podiarist believes it is the nerve. I know it is so blooming sore. Hugs darling.xxxx

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LesJames in reply to LesJames

My improvement has waned sigh!!

I paid privately toi 38 pounds money more important than suffering

I know work oart time so not rich!!

Have also tried one session of reflexology. That helps me too.and rieker or hottet shoes

Hi My feet also suffer badly from RA and are extremely painful. Yes a foot spa with jets combined with warm water and a handful of Epsom salts really helps me. I also have deep/ wide fitting shoes with a diaped cushioning insole. That makes so much difference. Some days all I can wear are soft science slip on type shoe. They have a very thick cushioning sole and as light as a feather. Hope this helps.

You might not need to see the RA consultant but an othapedic surgeon. It may be Morton's Nuromas which can be treated with injections or by surgery. No one needs to be in pain; yes, there are waiting lists but help is available. I've just had my foot straightened and RA bony overgrowth removed on my left foot. Now back to normal and no pain. These foot issues should not be just get on with, it but treated. I wish you well x

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Vonnie10 in reply to medway-lady

Hi it’s not that disease what you said I defo don’t have that. Got a scan on my hands and feet next week so I will find out from there I see the my rhematoligst I will see what she says . But thanks .

Happy New Year to you. I also have RA in my feet particularly, the right one has been damaged from it! Still unable to go on tippy toes 🙁. However, I find the Oregano oil a helpful along with Epsom salt baths. Massage into your feet, can be soothing, as it works on the inflammation and pain. That said, do check with your consultant as what works for me may not for you.

Now my consultant has changed my medication from MTX and Hydroxy to Entracept, first injection tomorrow 😬. Although hesitant, my consultant said it is the best way to go with RA. Wishing you a speedy recovering and back up and walking in no time. Stay upbeat it goes a long way to recovery. 😊

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